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Whimsical Cat Inspired Sweets by Laura and Caroline

Cats rule the internet, or so it appears.  The feline cuteness is irresistable. They are especially popular in Japan. Japanese blogger and web designer, Laura adores her domestic short haired ginger cat, Apelila – so much so she makes whimsical cat inspired sweets. She shares photographs of the delicious treats on the blog she co-authors with her mother Caroline.

cat sweets 1

She makes all sorts of sweets – with sugar paste, chocolate – and as nerikiri which is a type of Japanese confectionery.  Her little adorable edible cats are sometimes photographed diving into even more sweet treats.

cat sweets 5

You know how much cats like getting into boxes. Well, these delicious cats can also be found sandwiched in dorayaki (Japanese pancake)!  Not surprisingly, cat shaped eclairs were made last February 22 to celebrate cat day in Japan! That date is known as Nyan Nyan Nyan day (translated as Meow Meow Meow day).

cat sweets 2

cat sweets 3

cat sweets 4

cat sweets 6

cat sweets 7

cat sweets 9

cat sweets 8

All images are copyright of Laura and Caroline.  Photographs were used with permission.

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