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Tiny Tiny Camera Series by Maria Cristina Travaglio Photography

Call it the adventures of a tiny, tiny camera for it does look like this little prop travels a lot!  Architect turned event photographer Maria Cristina Travaglio explained how she came about her side project,  “I started doing the Tiny Tiny Camera project back in January 2013 and the very first pictures I took meant to show the different patterns of melting snow on grass.”  It is clear she enjoys working on this creative photography collection.

tiny tiny camera 1

This Venezuelan born, Swiss based photographer said she began with “mostly patterns on the streets and sidewalks or things I saw in nature, but little by little  I also began to set up my shots and do food, objects and all kinds of different things.”  Her eye for detail is evident.

tiny tiny camera 5

Maria Cristina added, “The goal was always to show that there are beautiful patterns, designs made by man or by nature, infinite objects, plants, materials and textures out there and we usually go about our life without noticing them.”  

tiny tiny camera 6

Her clever use of a tiny camera certainly captures one’s attention and encourages a closer observation of the surroundings. Her talent as a photographer enables her to share her unique views!

tiny tiny camera 7

tiny tiny camera 3

tiny tiny camera 4

All images are copyright of Maria Cristina Travaglio.  Photographs used here with permission.

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