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The Modahaus Rostrum Camera Stand has lift off!

Finally! Our new rostrum camera stand is out! We are really excited to offer this easy to use, inexpensive unit to all photographers. It is a fantastic accessory for overhead photography, videography and document scanning. You can use it with any smartphone, tablet, compact camera and DSLR!  No more hard shadows from tripods.


The rostrum camera stand is designed to be wall mounted. This easily allows for variable shooting distances – macro photography of small objects like jewelry to much larger items like clothing. The unit is compact, lightweight and folds flat making it the most portable rostrum camera stand yet!


Like all our other photo studios, the smartcase doubles as a light diffuser/softbox.   The material used for the rostrum camera stand is also the same advanced, wipe clean, anti-static polymer.

rostrum-camera-stand-remote-control 2

Making use of remote control via WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC enabled camera devices will definitely streamline your workflow.  The rostrum camera stand helps simplify modern product photography and photography studios.  Check it out here.

rostrum-camera-stand-devices 4

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