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Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the extremely fast shipping, also for the wonderful product.

Eddie Rivera, Ridgewood, NY, USA. January 2016

Thanks for prompt delivery of Rostrum Camera Stand….. Beautifully designed piece of kit….. Look forward to trying it out….. Well done Modahaus….. Have a lovely weekend. Jan Robbins, Leics. UK. November 2015

I can’t tell you how much I love my new Modahaus tabletop studio. User friendly and portable, featuring non-static, non-wrinkling backdrops, the TS320 fits my needs beautifully. I was so tired of having to iron the backdrops of my previous set up, and of battling the dust that appeared as soon as I finished wiping down my reflective boards. I’m still in the process of selecting new lights, but even with my current less-than-perfect lighting, I’m taking much more professional shots. Best yet, Modahaus customer service is excellent with prompt and personal replies. Thank you! Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven, Washington, USA March 2015


Just want to say thanks for brilliant service. I couldn’t have expected more. I live in NZ which is about as far away from Scotland as you can get and yet my mini mobile studio got to me within the week. You guys rock and as soon as the steady stand I’m after is back in stock I’ll be ordering again, Hayley Raffell, New Zealand 26 September 2013

You guys are truly awesome. I am really trying to up my graphics and with your system I am already seeing huge differences in what I am able to accomplish so many, many thanks. Penny Handley,  August 2013


Best Portable Tabletop Studios EVER!!! Thanks @Modahaus You Rock!!  Yasir @DubaiPhotoGuy via Twitter 30 March 2013

I just received my TS400/SS300, this is just what I wanted. I haven’t started testing yet, but so far so good. It is as easy as pie to set up and easily portable, no gaffer tape, no clamps, no nonsense ! This is just great , the shipping was great , Thanks ! Harry Joseph, Arlington, USA, 3 Nov 2012.

Hi, I’ve just received the Tabletop Studio Pro 600 and Steady Stand 300 and just wanted to say how pleased I am with the fast delivery and excellent quality of these products. Instantly my product shots look so much better than the lightcubes and paper backdrops I’ve used in the past – the coloured backdrops are really easy to use and its fascinating experimenting with several of them to get different looks. Les Woods, UK, 13 March 2012,

Thanks so much for sending my larger Steady Stand 300.

I’m having great fun with it and think you’ve come up with a fantastic product. I’m finally being able to realise my dream of a paperless office! With my 4S I can take pin sharp pictures, and teamed with genius scan+ quickly save them as JPEGS or PDFs at a quality which makes great legible copies using my home printer. even pages of small text work fine. No more filing bits of crumpled paper. Allelujah!

I’m also using the smaller steady stand 200 to finally digitise my old shoeboxes full of old 6×4 photos so I can actually look at them again for the first time in 30 years. They look perfect. The translucent plastic evens out the light and minimises reflections. No moiree patterns. Even light.  Better than anything I’ve achieved on a domestic scanner and with way less fuss. I get a kick out of knowing I’m maximising the capabilities of my 4S and saving space in my small flat – no need for another bulky scanning device.

So many companies go on about customer service but haven’t got a clue. It’s just lip service. Yours is outstanding. I’m very grateful and impressed. Mark White, London. 8March 2012


You guys rock!!!!! I have been trying to find something similar for years and have resorted to the local plastics store and hardware store but this is exactly what I wanted but on top of it all you have the carry case and it folds up to nothing.

TERRIFIC PRODUCT! I just received 600 + 200 combined kit and ordered the smaller 216 backdrop for the really small projects when I am too lazy to pull out the big one – actually it is more about clearing space.
THANK YOU!! Oh, and shipping was amazingly efficient!!!

Pamela Van Beekum, Berkeley, USA.



I just wanted to shoot a short message to let you know that the package got here and the product looks GREAT.

” We regularly amaze our US customers with the speed of our service. ” You were not kidding there…   Juan Gomez, MA, USA 17 December 2011


Just wanted to say thnx for tbe fast delivery. Studio 600 arrived today 🙂 Won’t have time until the weekend, though 🙁   Oli, Luxembourg, 4 July 2011


I am using the MODAHAUS STUDIO PRO 400 and I love using it. I have a light tent I stopped using years ago because it is so cumbersome to set up and I just did not like how my work looked using it. This system is a snap to use, versatile, quality materials, and I love the results. I do a ton of small product photography to sell my work and this is by far the best I have ever used. Not only do I love the results I am getting, but the creative potential puts this system in a class all its own. My wife, who is not a photographer, also uses it now to photograph her jewelry. That she is getting stellar shots as a novice speaks volumes. This system has cut the time down both in the set up and actual shoot time. Time is money and the cost of the system which is moderate in my opinion more than pays for itself in short order. Simply put, this is a no brainer. The final test for me was customer response which was immediate: “love the photos!!” And the resulting sales sealed the deal. Sign me one happy end user. Duane Collins. 28 August 2011. MI. USA


As a jewelry designer taking pictures can be a chore. I have a reasonably good digital camera but have been stymied getting the infamous white background. I’ve been able to do that now.

Bev Carlson North Easton, USA. 6 Oct 2011


Just to let you know that the kit arrived this morning – in fact, we could have got it at the start of the week if we’d been home, so the delivery service was excellent. It’s beautifully made and looks exactly what I need. I have a very small home business selling my lampwork beads and jewellery and have needed a more professional look to my photos of them, which I think your kit will help me achieve. I’m also secretary of our regional branch of the Bead Society of Victoria so will be using the kit when I take photos of members’ creations for the Society’s magazine ( – will definitely let everyone know about your products and your friendly, professional service, with thanks. Janet Jenkin. 13 October 2011. Victoria, Australia




How refreshing that a company takes the trouble to follow up on a sale. First off let me say that I am very pleased with the quality of my Modahaus kit. I like that it comes flat and in a carry pack because it makes it easy to store and obviously keeps all the parts together in one place. I purchased the kit for a specific reason and that was to use it for macro photography which will end up on my web sites. Initially I thought that I would have to settle for a photography tent or cube but this did not sit with my idea of what I wanted from macro photography. I worried (rightly or wrongly) that  using a tent or cube would be a bit claustrophobic in its practical use. Your product gives me the freedom to experiment in the way I envisaged. Alan Lewis. Swindon, UK 19 October 2011.


Thank you for great customer service. I have struggled with various background and light tent set ups for my beads for years, some of them resembled Heath Robinson contraptions. I was very excited when I came across the Modahaus studio, perfect in its simplicity. I am really looking forward to using it. Thanks again Judith. 19 October 2011  Hove, UK


Love the product, it’s just a shame we can’t promote it more for you but I think our target audience is slightly different!

Will certainly recommend to anyone & everyone I know. Best regards, Andrew Cheetham, Reservations Manager.  Cornwall UK.  9 November 2011


My Table Top Studio Pro 600 arrived the other day, all in good condition, nice presentation and packaging. I have used the kit and found it very easy to put together. Mike.  11 November 2011


Just wanted to thank you for your kit, I bought the small table top studio a while back. I use it all the time and I take all of my photography exclusively with your kit.

You can checkout our website at – for which all photos have been taken with the modahaus!

Thanks for your great product. Best, John 28 November 2011. Pitsburg, USA

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