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Steady Stand 300 Kit Quick Start Guide

The Modahaus Steady Stand 300 Kit has been designed from the ground up to accommodate a variety of devices and cameras including Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets, Compact Cameras and DSLR’s. Here we’ll give you an outline of the kit and a quick start guide on how to make the most of the kit for product photography and document scanning. We’ll be adding more posts on specific techniques like this one on Tabloid Document Scanning with the Steady Stand 300 Kit.

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Steady Stand height options


There are three sizes, small medium and large that alone give you three options for camera to subject distance. However, working in tandem there are a variety of distance options. More on that below. Using a typical smartphone or tablet camera, such as the iPad 3 shown below, the large steady stand will capture an area of US Letter or A4. Simply place a stack of documents directly under this stand and rattle through a document scanner session quicker than it takes a desktop scanner to waken up! This size is great for larger overhead product photography as well. We have a groundbreaking post coming up very soon showing how to scan Tabloid and A3 plus sized documents with this kit so stay connected! Now published! More to come!


Below we see the large and the small steady stand used in conjunction to give another camera to subject distance. In this case it’s 6.7″/170mm.


Here we have the medium and small steady stand and the distance between them is 2.9″/75mm which happens to be the perfect distance to scan a set of business cards or a macro shot of jewelry for example. The translucent side walls give you a pleasant ‘soft box’ quality of lighting free from harsh shadows.


We have the medium Steady Stand below shown with an iPad 3 shooting product photography. On the large and medium stands there is a special lens aperture offset towards the front specifically for 10″ tablets. This helps ensure there is sufficient platform supporting a 10″ tablet when it’s used in this orientation. Incidentally, all smartphones and tablets can be used with a case on, providing the camera lens is not obscured.


Adapting a Steady Stand for a Camera

Surrounding the pre-cut smartphone and tablet lens aperture there are part pre-cut larger lens aperture templates. To adapt a stand for use with a Compact Camera, carefully cut through the bridge between the inner lens template using a sharp knife. This is a simple modification to do for an adult. The outer aperture template is intended for larger DSLR lenses. We’ll shortly publish a specific guide for DSLRs using the Steady Stand 300 Kit. After this modification you may still use the steady stand with a smartphone or tablet. There are also four ‘cross-hair’ markings on the platform. These are to help you center your smartphone or tablet lens. Hot Tip! – Switch on your smartphone or tablet camera before placing on the support platform. Then hover your device over the platform whilst viewing the lens aperture below in the device screen and bring it down for a perfect landing centering on the lens aperture.


Most modern Compact Cameras and smartphones boast impressive macro capabilities, some as close as 1″ or less. With the smallest steady stand, shooting macro is a breeze. Shadows and reflections are kept to a minimum and you’ll never lose focus during shutter lag. BTW, the Steady Stand kit is equally at home in the studio or workshop, as it is out in the field. Shooting wildflowers in a breeze is also a breeze due to the wind baffle properties of the stands ūüėČ


Shooting subjects such as translucent gemstones or jewelry with backlighting is so simple. Image below shows the small steady stand on the large stand with a spotlight aimed at a white card below. This bounces soft even light upwards, effectively turning the large stand into a light table.




The Steady Stand 300 Kit is a brand new hybrid kit we have developed, following on from our original and very successful Steady Stand range we launched in November 2011. Our new kit offers everything the original Steady Stands have plus greater flexibility. Our Steady Stands are great companions to our Tabletop Studio Range. Checkout Steady Stand/Tabletop Studio bundles and save 15% on individual product prices. And remember we also offer Free Shipping Worldwide!

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Large Steady Stand suspending subject with Tabletop Studio TS400

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