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Soap Bubble Macro Photography by Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas is Scottish photographer whose soap bubble images make incredibly beautiful psychedelic art.  She got the idea when she was doing the washing up.  Jane explains, “One day I noticed the flat soapy films across the squares of the grid inside a grill pan,” said Thomas. “I don’t think I’d ever noticed their tiny colorful patterns before and it struck me they’d make a good subject. I couldn’t wait to get the camera out, that’s when the mania for bubbles came about.”

soap film photography 1

She uses a child’s bubble wand with a diameter of just 18 mm to suspend the soap bubble and an angle poise office lamp for illumination. The vivid colors and patterns are variations created with the use of different kinds of household detergents like shampoos or hand soaps. She sometimes adds sugar in the mix. Jane has to work quickly as she only has seconds to capture the iridescent hues.

soap film photography 2

Her love of color is clear. She also said her attention to detail comes from years of sharing descriptions of all things visual to her blind husband.

soap film photography 3

soap film photography 5

soap film photography 6

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