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Scrap Metal Art by Green Hand Sculpture

Welsh recycled metal artist, John Brown lives in an especially lovely place in the countryside,”an area where the valleys are so steep-sided they provide protection (to a degree) for the native wildlife and their natural habitat from development and factory farming techniques.” There he is able to appreciate the fauna in all its wildness.

green hand sculpture _ kingfisher

He channels his love of nature and creatures in his incredible scrap metal art, turning the discarded material into all sorts of animals such as birds, insects and amphibians. Some of his scrap metal art is incredibly lifelike.

green hand sculpture_butterflies group

The artist finds some of his material in the wild. He said, “Often when I’m out walking I pick up fragments of metal that have been thrown away. Sometimes fly-tipped or washed up on beaches, I patiently reassemble these pieces into monuments to the natural world around me: a habitat that is becoming increasingly fragmented.”

green hand sculpture _ scrap metal frog 2

What a wonderful way to help preserve and celebrate the beauty of the natural world!  Check out his Etsy shop for more and his Facebook to see what he is up to.

green hand sculpture _ grasshoppers 2

green hand sculpture _ scrap metal butterfly 3

green hand sculpture_praying mantis

green hand sculpture _ scrap metal lizard

All images are copyright of Green Hand Sculpture. Photographs used with permission.

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