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Rostrum Camera Stand Guide

Available in wholesale minimum quantities of 25 units upwards for new distributors and academic/corporate organisations. Email for further details.

This Rostrum Camera Stand quick start guide takes you through set up, location, lighting and techniques for overhead stills photography and video.


Rostrum Camera Stand set up

The Rostrum Camera Stand (RCS) comes flat packed in a ‘Smartcase’ (smartcase details under lighting) and is easily assembled in less than 30 seconds. The cellular structure, cantilever design and triple lock mounting point all contribute to creating a strong and reliable camera platform (rostrum) that will accommodate and support all smartphones, tablets, compact cameras and DSLRs. The Rostrum Camera Stand assembly leaflet takes you through the few simple assembly steps.

rostrum camera stand smartcase

Rostrum Camera Stand location

The RCS is easily mounted in many locations. Any wall or vertical surface with a secure hanging fixture is all you need. The security of your hanging fixture must be reliable and able to support the weight of your camera device. We always recommend a screw or screw and wall plug fixture for maximum load bearing. There are also a variety of plasterboard/drywall surface fixtures that are very reliable and strong. A wooden surface such as a cabinet, door face, door edge, door facing and window frame are amongst the many surface mounting options. The RCS is easily relocated simply by unhanging and rehanging on an alternative fixture point.


RCS door frame mounted


Consider your normal workflow when deciding your ideal location points. The height you mount your RCS will determine the size of image capture area.


RCS mount height suitable for garment product photography




rostrum camera stand elevated platform

rostrum camera stand elevated platform



iPhone 6 product photography

Rostrum Camera Stand lighting

One of the key benefits of the wall/vertical surface mounted Rostrum Camera Stand is the absence of any visible support structure such as tripod legs. This eliminates any potential shadows or reflections, gives unhindered access to set up your shoot and allows a multitude of lighting methods.

Natural daylight is great for product photography or document scanning. Out of daylight hours the same location can be utilised using artificial light.



Rostrum Camera Stand with iPad located to harness natural daylight


rostrum camera stand smartcase diffuser

Smartcase doubles up as light diffuser

The Rostrum Camera Stand Smartcase doubles up as a useful light diffuser when using artificial light or hard daylight.




Rostrum Camera Stand using back lighting

Image above shows the Rostrum Camera Stand/Steady Stand SS300 bundle working hand-in-hand. This set up uses the largest Steady Stand and the RCS Smartcase to create a raised backlit product platform for a clean white background. The mid sized Steady Stand forms a reflection control surround for the reflective subject.

Rostrum Camera Stand techniques

The RCS is compatible with all modern camera devices.



rostrum camera stand remote control options


21st century rostrum camera stand

Image above shows a typical lighting set up for shooting flat artwork originals. Lights shown are LED gooseneck lights from Ikea called JANSJO. These are not daylight balanced but custom white balance is easily set if auto white balance (AWB) is slightly off.

rostrum camera stand-cfl-light

On camera flash can be very effective for the right subjects, including textiles. The RCS platform is made from an advanced translucent polymer that functions as an effective flash diffuser in this instance



Overhead photo using Panasonic TZ60 compact camera with on camera flash lighting


The Rostrum Camera Stand and the Rostrum Camera Stand/Steady Stand SS300 Kit bundle are available now with Free Shipping Worldwide! Bundle prices represent a 15% discount on individual product prices!


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