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Kii iPhone Charger Connector Makes Cables Obsolete!

Photographers already have too much to carry around.  Cables are part of the baggage not just for cameras but also smartphones. So if you want to lighten your load and simplify your life, ditch the smartphone charger cable!

Kii iphone charger

The Kii from Blue Lounge is a nifty iPhone charger connector which is designed to be attached to keychains. It’s a compact and neat solution which keeps the connector handy at all times – unless you lose your keys! And you’re not going to let that happen, right?

With smartphone photography on the rise, keeping your phone charged up from any computer is worth it as you’ll never know when the next perfect moment for a perfect photo is going to be!

The Kii is made for not just the iPhone, but also for iPod and iPad.


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