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Please support our Kickstarter for the New Rostrum Camera Stand!

One of the most popular requests we receive for a new product is for an overhead camera support for shooting larger objects.  We heard you loud and clear!  After six months of  design, prototype, sleep, repeat  we have come up with a 21st century take of the Rostrum Camera Stand for high quality overhead stills images and videography – and it’s fully portable!. With your help and support for our Kickstarter project, we hope to get the Rostrum Camera Stand into production and into your hands! We don’t want you to miss out on our awesome ‘Early Bird Specials’.



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Rostrum cameras are not only complicated and expensive but their fundamental design hasn’t really changed for around 100 years.  Our Rostrum Camera Stand updates this useful device to suit our technological age.

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Regardless of skill levels, you’ll be able to use all the modern image capture devices – from smartphones to large tablets, from compact cameras to DSLRs .  Plus utilize the varied features they have to offer – WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC remote control, time-lapse video, slow-motion video, high speed video, stop frame animation, built-in flash, optical zoom, ultra close macro and a host of other still image quality controls.

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The design is sleek, compact,  strong yet lightweight and portable. Imagine, a Rostrum Camera Stand that fits easily into a briefcase or small bag.  It is easy to assemble and take down for storage.

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The stand can be mounted anywhere. The RCS is typically mounted at eye level or below allowing comfortable manual control of camera devices and viewing and control of LCD touch screens. With WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC enabled camera devices you can remotely control your camera from your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Use tablet to trigger smartphone or vice versa. Use smartwatch to trigger smartphone or tablet. Use earphones as cable release for smartphones and tablets. Remote control allows camera position at any height and is great for fast, efficient hands-free operation.

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Like all our other products, the case itself also doubles up as a diffuser!

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Thinking of selling on Craiglist, eBay or any of the craft marketplaces? You will find the stand so useful for great product photography. Food bloggers, illustrators, nail artists are just some of the people who will be interested!

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If you share our vision for the future of unhindered overhead photography and video, please visit Kickstarter and help us achieve our goal!

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