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Pipsqueak : Yip Yap’s New Bluetooth Phone for Kids

Admit it.  You’ve probably loaned your phone to a small child to keep them entertained for a while. There are some really big problems with this scenario though. Firstly, your very expensive smartphone is at risk of being unintentionally damaged. And secondly, your smartphone is certainly not age appropriate.

pipsqueak phone


Enter YipYap’s   Pipsqueak, a new bluetooth phone designed just for kids. This nifty and very robust device connects to your phone just like a headset. It functions just like a real phone so long as the child is using it within 50 feet of the parental phone.  So there is no additional contract or monthly fees.  There is full control via a smartphone app of approved contacts. So the child will never be able to call or receive a call from someone who is not parent approved.
pipsqueak phone colors

Pipsqueak designed to be just the right size and shape for young children to hold.  Just like adult phones, these can also play uploaded music and animated movies.  There is a recording function.  Yip Yap are also starting a game and sound effect catalog which will be downloadable from their site.

pipsqueak phone for kids

Just like adult phones, the children will be able to customize the look of their phones. The front and back cover plates and the central photo disc as well as charms can be swapped.

pipsqueak phone 2

This new bluetooth phone is available for $99.99.

They are working on more videos about the bluetooth phone with the help of a Modahaus table top studio and the Steady Stand!

pipsqueak phone_modahaus

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