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Pure Liquid Photography by Julius Ise

Julius Ise is a German product  photographer who loves to experiment in his free time playing with elements such as water, fire and so on. He says, ” I think it’s the simplicity of these  photos which makes them so interesting.” Not just for the photographer but for viewers too.

julius ise_pure liquid 6

Red wine

His visually appealing collections entitled Pure Liquids and Painted Beats explore his fascination with capturing liquids in motion.  He demonstrates “there are so many ways to express something in a photo”  with his red wine photograph above.  The shape of the liquid makes it clear what it is. 

julius ise_pure liquid 2

Vodka martini

Ise’s interest in photography began in his childhood.  He received his first camera at age 6. His father,  a semi-professional photographer, gave him one of his old cameras, an older dSLR , a Nikon D2H, in his teens.

julius ise_pure liquid 1


He went on to study photo design and got his start as a freelance photographer a couple of years later.  He now focuses on people and advertising photography and hopes to land bigger projects especially in the US where he plans to move to.
julius ise_pure liquid 5
His advice for budding photographers? ” Work hard, don’t give up, try to get better with every photo/project you do, be open for criticism but always do it the way you like it!”
julius ise_painted beats

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