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Model People Photography by Slinkachu

London based photographer, Slinkachu, has been entertaining and inspiring people since 2006 with his unique street art installations.  They consist of miniature railway model figures placed in urban settings.

slinkachu 1

He photographs the charming tableaus closeup as well as from a distance providing some context to the actual citiscape backgrounds. It’s as if another world, albeit a tiny one, coexists with our own.

slinkachu 2

The photographer has exhibited his unusual art form internationally in various museums and galleries. His prints are also for sale. Slinkachu has also published 2 books so far, Little People in the City : The Street Art of Slinkachu as well as Global Model Village : The International Street Art of Slinkachu.

slinkachu 3

What has he been up to recently? Slinkachu said back in October, “I’ve just got back from Paris where I was helping to promote ReAct Paris, a conference organised by the European Parliament to tackle the problems of unemployment in Europe, particularly youth unemployment, which in some parts of Europe stand close to a miserable 30%. I was leaving miniature workers hidden around the streets of Paris and asking the question “Why is it so hard to find a job?”

The following  photographs are a couple of examples  taken in Paris for this event.  He shared them on his blog,appropriately titled Little People.

Construction Workers 1b - slinkachu

Construction Workers

Scientist 1b - slinkachu



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