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The ModahausTabletop Studio Pro TS216 is a versatile mini photo studio kit and is extremely useful in enhancing your product photography whether you’re a professional photographer or a jewelry artisan who needs to take occasional quality photos of your creations.

ts216 features

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The Tabletop Studio Pro TS 216 comes flat packed in a Smartcase* and includes a clear translucent backdrop support, opaque white, translucent white, 2 translucent coloured , Jet Black and Mid Gray backdrops. Here we’ll run you through the simple set up and give you some tips on how to make the most of this very convenient mini photo studio.


The backdrop support system is folded and locked together with two tabs and ready for loading any combination of the six backdrops included with the TS216. Ready for action in an instant.


The opaque white backdrop is good for classic white background images and we’ll show the set up for those shots further on. The opaque white backdrop is ideal as the base layer for the translucent coloured backdrops.


Using the translucent coloured backdrops individually on the opaque white you have 2 vibrant colour options and by adding the backdrops in different combinations you have a myriad of background effects and colours to discover like subtle vari colour vignettes, accent backlit halos and deep rich tones. Using coloured backdrops also helps achieve good even exposure of your subject for basic point and shoot photography.

modahaus backlit accent halo


This first method shows using the opaque white backdrop as the infinity curve and the translucent white backdrop forming the light tunnel. In this case our light source is a standard table lamp positioned on the right.

Adding the light tunnel to your set couldn’t be simpler. In this case we use the translucent white backdrop located between the two side channels and tucked down the sides of the backdrop infinity curve. The translucent white light tunnel helps to soften and diffuse your incoming light whether that’s daylight or artificial light. This helps eliminate harsh shadows and gives you a professional ‘Soft Box’ quality to your light. The light tunnel interior, importantly, also eliminates distracting reflections in reflective subjects such as jewelry. The light tunnel is easily added or removed to your photo studio set without disturbing your composition.

This second method shows using the translucent white backdrop as the infinity curve and the opaque white backdrop forming the light tunnel. Here we have our main light source coming from a lightbox below. The light transmitted upwards is bounced off the interior of the opaque white light tunnel and bounced back down on to your subject. This set up gives you a more direct light from below with a softer bounced fill in light surrounding your subject. This method was very effective in bringing out the watch face engraved detail in the two examples below. More details on this watch shoot can be found on our post ‘Watch and jewelry photography using HDR and Modahaus’. This method can also be very effective for translucent subjects such as jewellery or glassware. A glass or acrylic topped table with a light underneath can be used instead of a lightbox.

Shooting on the Black and Mid Gray Backdrops


The image above is the very first frame we shot using the newly added Mid Gray backdrop. This is a really effective backdrop in so many ways.

Likewise the image below was the very first test shot we did with the Jet Black backdrop and we’ll be posting more details on these versatile backdrops that now come as part of the standard 6 backdrop range.



The Smartcase has another function other than conveniently storing and transporting your Tabletop Studio kit. If you’re using the translucent white backdrop as your infinity curve, then the Smartcase becomes very useful as an alternative light tunnel to diffuse upper light and eliminate unwanted reflections. The Modahaus branding label on the case is detachable for this purpose.


Simply turn your Tabletop Studio Pro TS216 in to the upright position which is ideal for suspending items like necklaces. There are hanging tabs located at either end of the Tabletop Studio just for this scenario. Using the translucent white backdrop and adding some backlighting can be really effective for a clean white background whilst conveying the beauty of translucent stones.


Creating a background with an horizon can be an effective alternative for some subjects. Here we used the translucent white and red backdrops for the background sweep with the blue backdrop on top of the opaque white backdrop as the table base both placed on top of a book. All the backdrops have a satin finish on one side with a gloss finish on reverse. Here we used the gloss side of the blue backdrop facing upwards giving us a nice reflection from the backlit red backdrop behind. Using a backlight also brought out some of the translucence of the bottle.


That concludes this guide for the time being but I’m sure we’ll be adding to it as we discover new techniques with the Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS216. The smallest of our Tabletop Studios but big on versatility. Small footprint, very portable (great for outdoors BTW) and very convenient when you need to travel for a shoot. We’ve used the TS216 in many of our other posts where we go in to a bit more detail. You can connect with us via RSS, Email signup, Twitter or Facebook to keep fully updated.

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Cheers for now!  Horizon shot below with TS216.


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