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There are so many ways to use the Modahaus tabletop studio, and we think the techniques used to create this picture showcases just how versatile the Modahaus system can be.

For a chance to WIN a tabletop studio of your own: Submit your guess(es) of the technique used to create the picture above. The 3 best guesses receive a FREE Modahaus Tabletop Studio of their choice.

How to enter:

Submit your guess via Modahaus Facebook page, leave a comment on this blog below or Tweet your entry making sure you include ‘ @Modahaus #photography #giveaway ‘ Each post/comment/tweet counts as a separate entry. This exclusive offer is open for a limited time. Rules available on request.

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A BIG thank you to all (7) of you who participated and hope y’all found it as much fun as we did! We were very impressed with the creative thinking processes demonstrated in the guesses submitted. Certainly gave some food for thought. So let’s get on with some revelations first.


Well I have to say I had no idea I’d be learning so much about melons but this one was a Galia melon – at least that’s what the supermarket label said! I won’t hold it against anyone who suggested other flavours. Andrew was on the right track from an early stage mentioning the hollow ring Frisbee and cocktail sticks, but went off on a tangent with string. Laura was inventive with her toothpicks so also on the right track. Paul was convinced it was a Canteloupe and even provided a picture to demonstrate his method. Vicki was getting very close with her glass bowl suggestion and was spot-on mentioning the set was a Tabletop Studio Pro 600 but she also thought the melon was suspended by fishing wire! Jovifly had an overhead perspective but was on the right track with the suggestion of a clear acrylic cylinder. Vanessa did well with her skewers and actually suggested a glass! And finally Johan did well mentioning spikes and glass rod.

All the suggestions were very plausible and it just goes to show there are many ways to achieve the same result.




Well, we had some very professional lighting suggestions and I could have used many of those suggested. However, I think digital photography is very liberating when it comes to the light you can use as auto white balance (AWB) and custom white balance allows you to shoot with many different lights. I wanted a very hard directional single beam of light from the left hand side simulating the distant sun in outer space where there is no atmosphere to soften the light source. I used the Lenser P7 LED torch that has a zoomable beam and is very bright. The other light I used was the Joby Gorilla LED torch.




The Tabletop Studio Pro 600 with the red backdrop and the blue backdrop on top of that gave me the richness of colour I was looking for in the background. However, the Joby Gorilla Torch was a bit to bright when placed behind for the halo I was looking for and I was short of space behind. I tend to work quite fast so my quick fix here was to switch the torch to its Red bulb setting which gave me the right level of halo although it turned the background a bit red. I knew it would take me seconds in Photoshop to tweak the hue back to the colour I wanted later. Had I taken a bit more time I could have stuck with the bright white light and rearranged the whole set to give more room behind. Sorry for my laziness and I wouldn’t expect anyone to guess I’d use a red light 😉 Lighting a background from behind to create a halo is a major benefit of the Modahaus system. For the side light I used the P7 LED propped up with clamp and used the lens hood to stop any spilled light on the background, (a good point Andrew made early on). The melon sat neatly on the glass leaving very little to be removed in Photoshop. If you try this yourself, be sure your glass is strong enough to support your melon, especially if it’s a rock melon 😉 The wooden skewers were easily adjusted to sit under the Frisbee and held it in position locating against the underside outer lip of the Frisbee. No tape or superglue required. Two tiny bits of visible skewer removed in Photoshop.

So there you have it! That’s how I did it but there are so many other ways as we’ve all discovered and they’re all possible with Modahaus, thanks to the wrinkle free, wipe clean surface 😉


There can only be three winners so it’s very difficult as all the guesses were very good and very plausible. We’ve hummed and hawed, we’ve counted and recounted the points, we’ve put the names in a hat and we’ve taken them out again and we’re now ready to announce the winners!

In no particular order, Laura, well done you’re a winner! Andrew, well done, you’re also a winner! Paul, great drawing 😉 but…you’re also a winner! Vicki, you’re not ‘photo taking challenged’, you’re a winner! Jovifly, you have an overhead viewpoint, but regardless, you are a winner! Vanessa, you too had an overhead viewpoint, but you’re also a winner! And finally Johan, you’re a winner for sure!

Hang on a minute! That’s more than three! We need a re-count! Awe heck! It’s Christmas, Bah Humbug!

Not forgetting you Sherri! You asked does ‘clueless’ count as a guess? The answer is, sorry No! But given some of the clues above, if you were to venture even a semi-plausible guess both here and on our Facebook page, before Christmas day, then you could be in with a shout! We’re all waiting to hear from you!


Thanks all for joining in and I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy shooting in the New Year!

Thanks also for liking, following and sharing Modahaus.



p.s. Let me know which Tabletop Studio you’d like to choose or any advice you need on choice to suit you. Email

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