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Modahaus Tabletop Photo Studio Pro TS320 Guide

The Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS320 is our mid-sized, versatile and very portable tabletop photo studio.The TS320 offers a multitude of professional product photography sets in one lightweight, robust, mid sized tabletop photo studio. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast you’ll find the Modahaus TS320 one of the best photo accessory investments you’ll ever make. We go in to more detail after the jump.

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Modahaus Tabletop Photo Studio Pro TS320

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Lightweight and portable


The Modahaus TS320 is lightweight and portable tabletop studio you can easily carry in the flatpack Smartcase to any location shoot. The TS320 is our mid-sized tabletop studio in the Modahaus tabletop photo studio range.

Now Bundled with 6 wipe clean backdrops


Comes complete with Smartcase, backdrop support and 6 wipe clean, food-safe, anti-static advanced polymer backdrops offering a myriad of photo background effects. The backdrop support incorporates tabs and side holes to aid suspension and support of a variety of subjects.

Standard and upright photo background configurations


The unique construction of the Modahaus photo studio system means you have both the standard and upright options in one versatile tabletop photo studio.

Small footprint


The capacious Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS320 still has a convenient and compact footprint allowing it to neatly slot into your regular workflow.

Tabletop Photo Studio – Not a light tent!


The TS320 is proudly ‘not a light tent’ and suffers none of their shortcomings. With a lift on and lift off Smartcase that doubles as a light diffusing and reflection control enclosure, you have un-hindered access to your studio set allowing you to make fine positional adjustments of your subject.

Unleash your creativity!


Using your choice of the 6 backdrops you can mix colors in different order, light from behind, light from below (glass base/table required), create accent halo’s with ease. For example, using the red and blue backdrops in alternate order and trying some different lighting angles can give you interesting variations with some multi tonal background effects. The newly added polymer Jet Black and mid gray makes this a truly unequalled package. All backdrops have a satin finish one side and a glossier silk finish on the reverse.



Smartcase as Softbox diffuser


The Smartcase can be used in many ways and the image above shows a simple tabletop softbox light diffuser configuration. The Smartcase can also be used to good effect as a light reflector or ‘flag’.

Wrap up

When you’ve completed your shoot the Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS320 can be dis-assembled as quickly as it’s assembled and neatly packed away in the Smartcase. We”ll be adding to this guide as we discover new techniques.

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