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The Steady Stand SS200 comes flat packed in a Smart Wallet* with a large white copy board, a set of 4 adapter plates and a small macro copy board and here we’ll run you through the simple set up and give you some tips on how to make the most of your Steady Stand.

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Folded and locked together with two pairs of locking tabs your Modahaus Steady Stand is ready for action in an instant.


Firstly, the large white copy board – A, like all the components is made from a hard wearing, wipe clean environmentally friendly polymer that is built to last. The copy board is just that. The board you place your subjects you wish to copy or photograph. The Steady Stand once assembled is ready to accept most Compact Cameras  with a lens diameter just less than 65mm.

If you are using any iPhone or any Smartphone you can simply add translucent adapter plate – E. These scenarios cover photography of most subjects.

A nifty feature of the Steady Stand for all iPhone users is automatic lens centering on the copy board. If you position your iPhone flush against the bottom and left hand side corner tabs, your iPhone lens is automatically centered over the copy board beneath. This works for all iPhones from the original to the iPhone 4S. We’ve also built in a tolerance so you can keep your case or bumper on whilst shooting.

If you have a reflective subject such as shiny metal in jewelry, then you need to watch out the metal work isn’t picking up a distracting reflection of your camera so on those occasions you would use the anti reflection plates either B, C or F.

B is for Compacts, C is for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and F is for all Smartphones. We’ll show some examples in a minute.

Accessory D is a small opaque white macro copy board. This allows you to create an elevated copy board platform inside the Steady Stand simply by placing the copy board on top of a cup for example. I find a cup works well as you always have one handy and they usually have a handle, which is useful if you want to slide your macro copy board in and out for adjustment of your subject.


The Smart Wallet has been designed to do more than just contain and transport your Steady Stand – hence we call it Smart 😉 . When you have a highly reflective subject like metalwork in jewelry, eliminating cluttered, distracting reflections will greatly enhance your photographs. The translucent side walls of the Steady Stand give clean uncluttered reflections and when you position the Steady Stand on top of the Smart Wallet, you can fold up the two large flaps at either end of the wallet so your subject is completely surrounded and all unwanted reflections are eliminated.

You can also add one of the opaque white adapter plates to the upper platform which helps eliminate any reflections of your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Smartphone or Compact Camera. N.B. When using these three opaque white panels around your subject remember to make sure there is good light coming in through the translucent side walls of the stand.

One tip here. There are times and places you don’t want reflections and others when you do want some. The secret is to control them and you can see the result in the images below which shows the effect you have by selectively placing a black strip of card or black tape or ribbon to introduce dark reflections where you want them.


The image on the left was shot without the Smart Wallet flaps or the anti reflection plate in place and you can clearly see dark reflections coming in either end of the steady stand in the round silver beads. You can also see the reflection of the iPhone in the center of the beads. The image on the right shows the effect of folding up the Smart Wallet flaps and adding the iPhone anti reflection plate. You can also see in the right hand image the effect of adding the black strip has had on the bead and charms at the bottom edge. The stones in this image also have much more depth to them.


The Steady Stand 200 and the Studio Pro 216 were made for each other. The Steady Stand fits neatly in to the front level area of the Studio Pro 216. This gives you a variety of set ups to switch between during a photo session and is a great aid for productivity as well as creativity. You can shoot on white or a variety of the colored backdrops, shoot from above, shoot from the front and you can also suspend your dangly subjects from the Steady Stand. Here are a few example photos that speak for themselves.

We’ll have more details of this awesome combination in our Guides section very soon. Be sure to subscribe for updates!


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  • mightec

    What a great addition to your product range, very interesting idea.  Will it support a Canon 7D semi pro camera and will the opening accept a Canon EFS 17-85mm lens, 67mm diameter.

  • Anonymous

    Many thanks Mightec. Sorry, It’s designed for iPhone, Smartphones and most Compact Cameras although it is a useful support for suspending subjects as shown in the last image and can be used with DSLR’s in that instance. The Steady Stand can also be used in conjunction with any of our tabletop studios in the range. We have some interesting new products in the pipeline for our DSLR customers that compliment the existing range, Thanks again, Lex 

  • Loving the attention to detail there with the little Modahaus ‘M’ etched in to the stand!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Nick, Well spotted! our discrete ‘M’ monogram is also slightly convex in form which makes that front tab readily accessible, as we planned it 😉 Cheers, Lex

  • Manmak

    I just have one question. In order to copy docs in A4 format with the iPhone 4S is the base big enough? I don’t find the reference about that surface.

    best regards,


  • Anonymous

    Hi Chris, With the iPhone 4 /4S/3 you can copy A4 docs (or US letter) either in two sections or alternatively very easily, prop up the side walls on a couple of books and copy in one section. The span of the side walls is 216mm wide specifically to accommodate A4 and US letter. A good question Chris, I’ll cover that in the next Steady Stand Guide update, Many thanks Lex

  • Manmak

    Hi Lex,
    thank you very much for the quick reply. Fine, then I’ll find a solution for that. The only question now, how can I order it from here, Germany.

    best regards,


  • Anonymous

    Hi Chris, we ship to Germany in 2-3 days so you could expect it by midweek next week if your order comes in shortly. No seasonal delays (yet;). Just select the store tab above. Many thanks Lex

  • Mike

    Is the Steady Stand 200 suitable for use with an iPad2? Is it suitable for scanning books and letters (as a replacement for a scanner)?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your question. Sorry, the Steady Stand 200 is not compatible with the iPad 2. See reply to Manmak below regarding scanning documents, Cheers Lex

  • Lacri Belu

    Hello! Can you tell me if you deliver Steady Stand 200 also in Romania? Thanks

    • modahaus

      I’m sorry. We can’t deliver to Romania at present.

  • Annie

    Hi there
    I’m impressed.What would your suggestion be for photographing eyewear; as in spectacles, sunglasses? Which size?

    • modahaus

      Thanks for your question Annie. Both the Steady Stands SS200 and SS300 would be suitable for eyeware for overhead shots with iPhone, smartphone or compact camera. Any of the Tabletop Studios would be suitable with any kind of camera. Hope that helps, Lex

  • Tsukimi Tim

    how do i fold it back up?

  • Sue

    Hi there,

    I have an iphone and want to use it to photograph jewellery. Which of your systems should I buy? Are there accessories I should consider? They look like a terrific idea!

    • modahaus

      Thanks for your question Sue. I’d certainly recommend the SS100SP for iPhone 4 + 4S overhead macro shots of small items. The SS200 is great for overhead shots of larger pieces up to half US letter size or A5. The Tabletop Studio Pro TS216 bundled with the SS200 and SS100SP is popular for jewelry Artisans. You can use the TS216 in the upright position to suspend necklaces etc. You Automatically receive 15% ‘Custom Bundle’ discount in the checkout. Our SS200 and SS300 now ship with an iPhone 5 accessory plate as well. Another accessory you might consider is the Joby GorillaMobile mini tripod. Hope that helps, Lex

      • Sue

        Awesome – I have the iphone 5 so that will work. Thanks!

        • Sue

          Don’t see the Joby GorillaMobile mini tripod on your site. Do you sell them?

          • modahaus

            Sorry Sue, we don’t sell the Gorilla Mobile but you should find that no problem. You might be interested in our recent post on jewelry with the iPhone 5 if you haven’t already seen it.

  • Lisa

    What setup would you recommend for food photography, using an iphone 5?

  • modahaus

    Thanks for your question Lisa, The Steady Stand SS300 gives an overhead copy area large enough to accomodate a dinner plate and smaller subjects with the iPhone 5. This is a good fit with either the Tabletop Studio TS320 or the larger TS400. You automatically receive a 15% custom bundle discount in the checkout when you add two or more products to your cart. We still have some of our free Hybrid backdrops we’re bundling along with the standard 4 backdrops and shipping is free worldwide right now. Hope that helps, Lex

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  • Marios

    This is a fantastic idea. Will the opening on top plate correspond to the camera position
    of Samsung ace Smartphone?

  • modahaus

    Thanks for your question Marios, Yes, the SS200 (or the SS300) will suit the Samsung Ace smartphone. There is a set of anti-reflection plates that are included. We’ve not found a Smartphone, or Compact Camera yet that won’t work with the SS200 + SS300. There’s a chart with dimensions at the foot of this page, hope that helps, Lex

  • Chevon

    Does this stand also work for iPhone 5?

    • Chevon

      My apologies. I read your answers below. Thanks!

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  • tessa

    I have a canon Powershot A520. The front which will sit on the stand is not flat but has a bulge at one side. Would this be a problem?

  • modahaus

    Hi Tessa, thanks for your question. We’ve used similar Powershot cameras with the Steady Stands no problem. Just prop up the opposite side to the grip with something of a suitable depth. We’ve found a few drinks coasters work well to achieve the desired height. Having the grip on one side can be useful on occasion as well if you want to shoot your subject at an oblique angle. Hope that helps, Lex

  • Beverly

    What package would be good for handbags

  • Elizabeth Ruppert

    I have a LG G3 and want something like this to digitize my craft magazines. Where do I buy one?

  • modahaus

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your question. This guide is for the old style SS200 which is now part of the new style SS300 Kit you can find here – This is a more compact and versatile Kit and is compatible with all Smartphones, tablets and compact cameras. Hope that helps, The Modahaus Team

  • SJL

    I have seen the Modahaus Rostrum Camera Stand on your website. I am a historian and will be traveling to France in June and July to work with medieval manuscripts. Many have been digitized, but one has not, and I would like to take digital photos of the work. Your camera stand looks like a good option. I do have a question about how it is mounted.

    Since I will be working in a library rare book room, I won’t have the ability to alter the surrounding tables or walls, and it wasn’t clear from the video or the accompanying materials how the stand is suspended from a vertical surface, strong enough to carry the weight of the stand and camera. [I plan to use a Nikon DSLR D3300 with a shutter release.]

    Second, according to the website, the stand is out of stock. Is that the case? And when do you think it will be available again? Thanks.

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