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Macro Traveling Car Adventure Photography

21 year old Kim Leuenberger is a  Swiss photographer who manages to combine her passions brilliantly.  She loves to travel and collect vintage cars and motorcycles.  So she takes macro pictures of her little vehicles wherever she goes!

travelling car adventures 3

She started her Travelling Car Adventures about 3 years ago with a blue van, a gift from her parents. Kim said, “When I go on a photographic adventure, I always take one of my car with me, they are of all different sizes and sorts (Van, Beetles, Mini Cooper, Vespas). I love to play with their reflections, or put in some special background, in action.”

travelling car adventures 5

Kim also had to learn how to photograph from what she calls a “wormelish” view point – laying down and using the largest aperture she can – about 2. That way she gets her beloved cars in focus with softer backgrounds.

travelling car adventures 1

The result is a charming and unique record of her travels.

travelling car adventures b

Kim’s love of photography began at a young age. Although she now uses a dSLR, she also has older analogue cameras in her collection, such is her love for all things vintage.

travelling car adventures a

She is now living in London and studying at the University of the Arts where she hopes to obtain her BA in photography.

travelling car adventures 2

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