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JUMP – Novel and Easy Phone Charging Solution for Smartphones

It’s practically inevitable that just when you need your smartphone most, the battery is almost drained.  The only solution is to have additional stored power handy.  There are plenty of power packs out there but they are generally bulky and have one potential complication – you need to remember to keep them charged up.

jump iphone charger 1

Enter JUMP which was designed by the folks at Native Union .It’s  an elegant charging solution for smartphones.  The device is small and very light with recesses to keep the charging cable and lightning or micro-USB fitting neatly in place when not in use.

jump iphone charger 2

But what’s extra special about JUMP is the intuitive charging.  Every time the phone is plugged in for charging, the excess power is stored by the device.  This means the phone gets 30% extra power (based on an iPhone 5S estimate) when it is most needed.

The convenience and aesthetics of this lifestyle choice design certainly appealed to many. The JUMP project on Kickstarter was swiftly funded soon after it was launched.

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