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Jon Shireman’s Broken Flower Photography

Sometime in school, most of us would have seen, if not actually done it ourselves, the freezing of objects in liquid nitrogen.  Once frozen, the objects can then shatter in a most dramatic fashion if slammed down on the floor!  Fun maybe but still a destructive and not very creative thing to do.

jon shireman broken flower _orchid

However, Jon Shireman, a  professional photographer created an unusual and lovely photographic series called Broken Flower where he froze flowers and smashed them. His pictures show the before and after effects of the liquid nitrogen bath treatment and subsequent shattering at high speed.

jon shireman broken flower _daisy

Orchids, lilies and other familiar blooms become unrecognizable when broken apart in such a manner. Yet, the photographer still manages to capture the inherent beauty in the gathered remains of these broken flowers.

jon shireman broken flower _lily

Jon Shireman is based in New York City and specializes in  fine art still life, architecture, and location photography.

jon shireman broken flower _purple


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