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iPhone 5 Tabloid Document Scanner

We discovered this awesome technique we just had to share! Using the Steady Stand 300 Kit and iPhone 5 you effectively have an IOS Tabloid Document Scanner! Works with Androids too!

Using the largest stand in the kit and an iPhone 5 with the camera set to panorama we simply place our tabloid or A3 plus document under the Steady Stand. Hit the shutter button and slide the document through the Steady Stand until you capture it all, then hit the shutter button again to stop scanning. The video shows this clearly in its pure simplicity!

How the Steady Stand does its Magic!


  • The Steady Stand provides a translucent steady overhead tripod support for your iPhone, Smartphone or Tablet
  • The side walls ensure even, diffused light on your document
  • As the stand and camera remain stationary, and only the document moves, the lighting remains consistent
  • The side walls of the stand help guide the document through the scanner

Panorama Scanning – The Results

We’re totally blown away with the success and quality of our very first test. It just works without skipping a beat! And we shot in low light! See below.


iPhone 5 tabloid scan full frame


Tabloid scan with iPhone 5 at 100% size

The iPhone 5’s panorama mode uses a ‘panorama sweep’ style camera. Many other smartphones and tablets including Androids also use this style of panorama sweep mode. There are also many ‘panorama sweep’ style Apps available on iTunes and Google Play marketplaces.

Technical details

For those interested in the technical details, the quality achieved is certainly suitable for good, error free OCR (optical character recognition).

Original file size captured – 4544 x 2570 pixels =11.7mb, PSD converted file = 28mb. ISO 320.

Next Test

We can’t wait for our next test shot! A panoramic product photography shot! Now published!

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