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iPhone 5 Panoramic Product Photography

Using the iPhone 5 for panoramic product photography creates surprisingly high quality images. In Apple’s recent keynote when they launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone C a key figure mentioned stuck in my mind. The mention that the iPhone 5S created 28 mp images in the panorama mode intrigued me. I immediately set about shooting a few landscape panoramas with my iPhone 5. I was taken aback with the overall image quality and the seamless blend of the whole image, providing I kept the camera steady and performed a smooth sweep of the scene. I then did my very first panoramic product photography shoot with the iPhone 5 and I’m blown away with the results – see below. The video shows how easy this technique really is! Be sure to check out  the 100% sized image after the jump.

Panoramic Product Photography Image at 100%


iPhone 5 panoramic image quality at 100% size

Above image shows a crop detail at 100% size. The actual panorama image captured by the iPhone 5 was 6352 x 2524 pixels which is the equivalent of 16 mp. The iPhone file size was 4.8mb and the iPhone 5 selected ISO 200. We used natural daylight. The 8 bit PSD file we created came in at 48mb. We’ve shown the full frame image below but you’ll have to scroll for quite a bit to see it all. We had to crunch the quality down to 30% to make the file size manageable for web viewing. The video above shows how quick and easy this technique is with the new Steady Stand 300 Kit. Not bad for a first attempt I’d say! I think flower arranging is not my forte tho 😉 What would you suggest for our next panoramic subject? Some kind of food maybe? Ideas much appreciated.


iPhone 5 panorama image full frame

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