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FREE Hybrid Product Photography Backgrounds

As part of our research we are now shipping two amazing new Hybrid Product Photography Backgrounds with our new Tabletop Studio Pro range absolutely Free! These additional Jet Black and Asteroid Silver backdrops are bundled totally Free with any of our Tabletop Studios for a limited time. This is part of our new product development research initiative. Customer feedback is a very valuable asset to Modahaus and our product development program and we’d like to invite your support here, if you can, but no obligation.

Why are these product photography backgrounds hybrid?

All Modahaus products are constructed from an advanced polymer that is hard wearing, wipe clean, anti static, food safe and resistent to most oils and chemicals. We are always researching and developing new backdrop materials that meet our stringent criteria above but many fall short on one count or another. The hybrid Jet black and Asteroid Silver backdrops are made from an acrylic latex saturated cellulose blend base material. Or in layman’s terms, a mark resistent paper based material.

What makes these Product Photography Backgrounds different?

The Asteroid Silver backdrop material has a subtle, metallic, randomly textured surface similar to what you’d find on a passing asteroid ūüėČ The Jet Black backdrop is so black and so matt it’s almost impossible to show you here! But that’s exactly what it’s intended to do – be invisible! Any matt black or metallic surface is prone to marking but the mark resistance of these materials and their paper base ‘may be’ sufficient to withstand the day-to-day rigors of product photography. We say ‘may be’¬†because we just don’t know, for sure, until we test them in real life situations. And that’s why we’re giving this initial backdrop making away free with each of our Tabletop Studios in the range. There’s no obligation but we’re hoping for sufficient feedback from customers to enable us to decide whether these backdrops are up to the tasks expected of them and whether we add them to our product listings in the future. These materials are certainly high performance but we remain unconvinced that they are robust enough for daily use.¬†Whatever the outcome of our product research, we’re confident you’ll find our standard bundle of four robust polymer backdrops offer you a multitude of product photography background effects. We’re really excited about the performance of our just launched, new Tabletop Studio range that now all incorporate a ‘Smartcase’ that transforms into a light diffusion and reflection control softbox enclosure. All the Tabletop Studios can be turned on their head for those long, tall shots. A professional, lightweight product photography tabletop studio you can conveniently carry under one arm, has arrived!

Hybrid Product Photography Backgrounds in use

To give you an idea how these hybrid product photography backgrounds perform and how they can be put to use we’ve shot a few examples here and we’ll add to these over the coming days and weeks.

The wine bottle above was shot with the Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS400. There is an added extra we’ve included in the Hybrid pack for the TS400! This is a special Jet black narrow strip backdrop for the purpose of giving a highlight rim around dark reflective subjects like a wine bottle. We’ll call it the Jet Black bottle strip (JB Strip). We set this shot up in about 2 minutes, we lit it from behind with one 3 watt LED gooseneck table lamp from Ikea (called Jansjo) cost ¬£10/$10. We shot six frames to find the right exposure (10 secs / f8 ) and this is the result. Shot below explains more.

ts400 bottle reflection lighting control

What you see in the image above is the Tabletop Studio TS400 in the centre with the translucent white backdrop then the JB strip placed on top of that. The Jansjo LED gooseneck lamp is placed behind a couple of feet back which illuminates the translucent white backdrop on either side of the Jet Black strip. It is the translucent white backdrop on either side of the black strip that gives you the white highlight around the outside edge of the bottle – where small red arrow is pointing. On either side of the TS400 we’ve placed a couple of white reflectors. In this case we used two Modahaus Tabletop Studio TS216’s in their upright position. These perform two functions. Firstly they reflect some light ¬†from the LED on to the bottle label and secondly they add reflections in the bottle (large red arrow), the bottle neck and pick up some highlights in the bottle label. All with one 3 watt LED light! The whole set up and shoot took all of 4 minutes. Shot below shows LED light behind.

Shot below shows a close up of the Asteroid Silver backdrop texture.


Having a slightly reflective randomly textured surface gives you a variety of effects you can achieve depending on the direction of your light.

In the two shots above these were straight out of the camera with default evaluative metering with no exposure compensation required which is one of the added benefits of the Asteroid Silver backdrop. We’ll be adding some more examples as we experiment more with these Hybrid backdrops.

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