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Dok-Dok iPad Document Scanner

Dok-Dok iPad document scanner and case is an awesome Kickstarter project offering great rewards for backers…right now!

The Dok-Dok turns your iPad into a portable scanner. It’s a unique document scanner built in to a sleek aluminum case. Using the iPad’s camera, you create high quality scans fast, even in low light. It can be used with a voice activated shutter release, Apple earphones as a cable release or simply a gentle tap for manual Shutter release. Dok-Dok accommodates single and multi-page documents, paper and board, photos, artwork and maps and no juice is required!

dok-dok-ipad-document-scannerThe Paperless Office or Paperless Lifestyle


For years the business world has predicted the arrival of ‘The Paperless Office’  but paradoxically, we’ve just recently seen it’s now consumers taking the lead in the drive towards the ‘Paperless Office’ as part of their ‘Paperless Lifestyle’.  Mobile devices like the iPad allow us to capture, organize and share a whole host of items so we have them where we want them, when we want them! We believe what’s driving this is the natural convergence of mobile computing and cloud computing. The consumer is much more agile in adopting these new technologies to make our lives simpler, more organized and more fun!


The Paperless Lifestyle

It’s not rocket science, is it? We’ve all quickly adopted smart ways to make the most from our Smartphones to suit our needs. Now we have tablets offering us a much more immersive user experience and that gives our imagination a whole new ball game to explore and make the most of.


This is what the Dok-Dok iPad Document Scanner and Case is all about.  Making the most of your iPad. With Dok-Dok you can scan all sorts of US Letter and A4 + documents square-on and pin-sharp even in low light with your iPad’s excellent camera. Old family photo scans will reveal a level of detail you didn’t realize was there and liberate them from that shoebox!


Example of scan quality with Dok-Dok and iPad 3. (compressed for faster web viewing).

Proudly share those treasured school paintings and certificates. Keep your household bills, receipts, guarantees, instruction manuals organized, accessible and with pin-sharp scans, even the small print is legible. Retrieve your favorite recipes and menus. Scan all those tourist flyers and maps for easy access and make the most of your vacations. Trust your iPad, cocooned in the Dok-Dok’s sleek aluminum case, to aircraft hold luggage.


How Dok-Dok does its magic!


  • The DOK-DOK document carrier cassette holds single or multi page US Letter/A4 + documents square-on to your iPad’s camera.
  • Scan paper or heavy board such as mounted prints.
  • The iPad support tray holds your iPad steady, gently and firmly in the upright position ensuring the iPad camera lens is centered and square-on to the document carrier. This is essential for edge-to-edge sharpness in document scanning.
  • The iPad support tray glides in and out allowing optical zooming on documents and ensures compatibility across the iPad range including the iPad 2, 3 & 4th gen.
  • This orientation of document to iPad makes maximum use of available, prevailing light from above and the side eliminating the potential of shadows cast on documents by the iPad.
  • Release the camera shutter by a gentle tap, tethered cable-release using Apple earphones or by sound activation using a sound trigger App.
  • All the above results in pin sharp document scans, essential for error free Optical Character Recognition (OCR) workflows, when required.
  • Accessibility for Visually Impaired users is incorporated into the design. Example – Allows a visually impaired user to scan a document, such as a utility bill, and using a VI App with OCR, to replay an audio of the document text. Apple’s integral ‘Voice Over’ utility gives further accessibility.

Why are my current iPad document scans poor?

Achieving quality, hand-held scans of documents with the iPad is almost impossible for a number of reasons.

  • Camera Movement – The slightest camera movement causes soft, unsharp images.
  • An oblique angle on one or more planes – Unless the iPad camera is correctly square-on and centered on the document, the result will be poor focus in large areas of the document.
  • Shutter lag is the time between pressing the shutter and actual image capture. Hand held movement during shutter lag is unavoidable and causes loss of focus.
  • Shadows – A typical hand held stance has the document layed on a table or horizontal surface with the iPad held above. This stance creates shadows and blocks out essential prevailing light from above.

The best Apps for iPad Document Scanning

If all you need are JPEG images of your subjects, the iPad’s native camera App will provide excellent results with DOK-DOK. There’s also a selection of dedicated Apps for specific tasks and workflows. We decided a while ago there are so many terrific Apps for various document scanning and Cloud uploading tasks there’s little point in us competing with them. We’d much rather promote those excellent Apps through our planned website forum and community. For starters, here is a small selection of Apps we’re familiar with and whose features work great with DOK-DOK.

  • Scan Pages by Ricoh Innovations – Scan pages or import images from Camera Roll. Export to Email, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs or gallery in single or multi page PDF or JPEG format. Fast and easy to use with enhance options. Fantastic Free App.
  • oSnap by Vedaray. Voice activated shutter release App. A very useful feature for DOK-DOK scanning. Free App with inexpensive ‘Ad Free’ upgrade option.
  • mobileAgent – Dedicated receipts and bills (invoices) scanning App that works with freeAgent, the Cloud based accounting service of our choice. This combination is awesome! It saves us so much time and space with our accounts and keeps us fully up-to-date on where we stand.
  • Evernote – Productivity App. Scan and save in various formats including PDF with OCR searchable features. Export to Evernote. Great for organizing all your stuff for work and play. Free App with Pro upgrade options.
  • Camera + – Camera replacement App with simple user friendly interface. Has focus, exposure and white balance lock features which are great for scanning original photos or artwork or where color balance and exposure are critical. Great array of image filters. Multiple export locations – save as jpg only. Inexpensive App.
  • ViA – by The Braille Institute of America.(Visually Impaired Apps) is the one stop shop for VI Apps and other useful resources for the visually impaired.

How Dok-Dok iPad Document Scanner came about


Firstly I should say that Dok-Dok was created by myself, Lex McColl and I’m also responsible for the design of all Modahaus products which were launched in 2011. Tablet computing was rapidly gaining momentum at that time and we’ve had several Modahaus customers urging us to create an iPad document scanner since then. When our customers speak…we listen! Through our research and feedback we established the ‘must have’ attributes for an iPad Document Scanner.

It must :-

  • Accommodate US Letter and A4 single or multiple page documents.
  • Accept both paper and board weight documents.
  • Scan pin-sharp images of documents…fast.
  • Accommodate an iPad within the case when required.
  • Be compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4th generation.
  • Be fully portable and require no juice for operation.
  • We have also ensured the Dok-Dok has accessibility for visually impaired users incorporated into the design.

We’ve created our final prototypes using the bespoke materials and processes we’ll be using in our production run. Thorough field trials have shown Dok-Dok scored top marks on all our tests and exceeded our expectations on a number of factors. Dok-Dok is a robust, lightweight and fully portable iPad document scanner and case that truly breaks the mould and is built to last.

We’ve been a great fan and supporter of Kickstarter for years and now they’re open to UK creators we’re delighted to have the opportunity to offer our backers some awesome rewards as part of our Kickstarter launch.

Hope you can visit our project on Kickstarter soon. Your chance to pick up one of these great backers rewards ends on 30 August 2013. With your support we can make Dok-Dok a reality and in the process reduce our reliance on paper. We’ll de-clutter our lives, make more of our iPads and have all our stuff where we want it, when we want it! Help us spread the word by sharing our Kickstarter project. If you can’t make a pledge, a shout out would still be awesome!

Many thanks, Lex

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