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We are delighted to announce our Craft Tutorials Exchange Offer giveaway in conjunction with Totally Tutorials. In return for writing and publishing your own Craft Tutorial on the subject of your choice whilst utilising one of our Modahaus Steady Stands we will be giving away up to six of our unique photo accessories to six lucky winners!

Modahaus Steady Stands SS100 and SS200

Modahaus Steady Stands are a fantastic aid to all sorts of Crafters who use a Compact Camera or Smartphone to photograph their creations and are particularly suited to tutorial photography as using a Steady Stand, you have the ideal overhead viewpoint of your subject. Many have said “It’s like having a second pair of hands!” If you only photograph using a DSLR camera, then we may include one of our Modahaus Tabletop Studios as an alternative to a Steady Stand.

Modahaus Steady Stand SS300 and Tabletop Studio TS400

Kym at Totally Tutorials devised this great Exchange Program and has helpfully supplied some guidelines on how to enter and how winners will be selected.

Here are some Q & A’s that should help.

Q – What’s on offer?

A – We will be giving away up to six Modahaus Steady Stands (or Tabletop Studios) from our range to suit each winners chosen tutorial subject and type of camera they use. There will be up to six winners.

Q – If I’m a winner, what’s expected of me?

A – On receipt of your Modahaus kit, you’ll write and publish your tutorial post on your own blog or be able to post on Crafster, Instructables or CutoutandKeep within 3-4 weeks and let Kym and I know when published. Kym has some more details HERE. In addition to your chosen subject your post will show images of your Modahaus kit in use. Don’t worry if photography is not one of your strengths. As long as you have a suitable camera, and regularly take pictures of your creations you’ll find Modahaus kit is simple, intuitive and fun to use and your photos will improve immensely using your kit. I’ll always be here to give some pointers if needed.

Q – Which craft items are suitable for the tutorials?

A – Your chosen Tutorial subject could be anything. i.e. beading, jewelry, cupcakery, nail art, you name it! We’d love to hear your suggestions. The Steady Stands range in size from the SS100’s which are ideal for jewelry and smaller items using close up and macro photography. The SS200 will accommodate items that’ll fit in a copy area of half an A4/US Letter page size and the SS300 will accommodate items up to full A4/US Letter page size. All Steady Stands are suitable for macro photography utilising an elevated copy board. Our GUIDES page gives more details and you can also check out our post ‘Photography Tips for Crafters and Jewelry Artisans’. Our largest Tabletop Studio the TS600 is 600mm/23.6” wide so can accommodate larger items.

Q – How can I apply to participate?

A- You can apply by leaving a message in the comments section below or posting to our Facebook page leaving details on what your chosen tutorial subject would be. Make sure you leave us a means of contacting you and ideally a pointer to your blog or shop. Applications will close on Sunday 25th March 2012, (which is not far away) and we’ll contact the winners shortly after that date and deliver your Modahaus kit a few days later. This offer is open to all countries, worldwide.

We’ll announce the winners here and on our Facebook page soon after the closing date. You can connect with us via RSS, Email signup, Twitter or Facebook to keep fully updated.

Good luck and hope you all enjoy the tutorials, Lex

Q – How can I buy a Modahaus kit?

A – Check out our STORE. Our Steady Stands work ‘hand in glove’ with our Tabletop Studios and we have a great ‘Custom Bundles’ offer on at the moment. Simply add two or more products to your cart and we’ll apply 15% discount to your total order value in the checkout! Our Tabletop Studios currently include a bonus pack of 4 translucent coloured backdrops and we also provide Free Shipping Worldwide!


A huge, big, thank you to all of you who participated in the giveaway. Your comments and links to your fantastic blogs and creations have inspired us and as a result, we discovered that our Modahaus Steady Stands are also a really neat aid to shooting not just overhead stills for tutorials, but they are also really useful for overhead video tutorial shots. Here’s a short demo video showing just what we mean.


We’re just sorry that you can’t all be winners but here are the six winners of a Modahaus Steady Stand we randomly selected.

Jdellino, Dora Moreland,  Kitty Kanzashi, Stealthandaces, Artplaytoday, Jessica Blankenship. Please contact me by email and we’ll arrange delivery of your Modahaus kits.

For those of you who didn’t win, we hope to engage with you again in the future and we’re always here to provide advice or pointers on product photography. We’d be delighted to welcome you as Modahaus customers and I’m sure many of you would find a Modahaus kit a rewarding investment for your product photography. For the bloggers amongst you, we have recently introduced an affiliate program and are particularly interested in members of the jewelry and craft artisans community joining our select team of Modahaus ambassadors. There’s a link at the foot of the page and signing up is a simple process. I hope you’re all looking forward to the winners’ tutorials using Modahaus Steady Stands when they’re published in a few weeks time! We certainly are! Don’t forget we have a great ‘Custom Bundles’ offer on right now and our shipping is Free Worldwide! Thanks again for your enthusiasm and participation.

Keep in touch, Lex

We’d be delighted to hear more from you or you can connect with us on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Flickr.


  • Jdellino

    I would love to participate in this. I specialize in making cute cake pops for my blog. I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography.
    My tutorial would probably be on Easter themed cake pops. 🙂
    You can find my blog, at as well as a link to my FB page there.

  • Lynne Glazzard

    I would love to participate and would do a tutorial on making a seamless ring in metal clay. My blog is

  • Robinsbeadgardendesigns

    Your product sounds wonderful.  I make jewelry which I sell on etsy.  My photos could definitely use some help.  I cannot get enough light that does not cast shadows, and I want to get straight over my pieces.  But shadows get in the way.  It appears that your product could be the answer I am looking for.  Check out my need at: I would love to win the contest and write a tutorial for a blog or your site.  Thanks  Robin Myers

  • I just love using my Modahaus set-ups when I write jewelry making tutorials for my blog. Really super results!  A must for any craft blogger, artisan or foodie!

  • Cougarspitfire

    I would do a tutorial on making a beaded ring using swarovski cryatals and tube beads. Its beautiful. Thanks Bonnie Goudie

  • Dora Moreland

    Your product sounds perfect. I would love to write a post about how the current methods I use to take pictures of my beaded jewelry, recipes or craft tutorials compares to being able to use an “extra hand”. I have a small cannon point and shoot camera and use simple homemade methods to try to get good pictures. I contribute to  

  • Jewelrydesigner

    I’ve been dying to try one of these Modahaus set-ups! I’d love to write a tutorial on creating polymer clay mokume gane veneer sheets.This is an easy-to-learn technique (one you know the tricks!) that produces beautiful and sophisticated results! 

  • Crafty Staci

    I’d love to participate!  I feature craft, cooking and sewing projects on my blog,, but work most often with fabric.  I’ve been planning to do a tutorial for a pincushion, which I’d be happy to share here.  I’m working to improve my photography skills with my dslr, and would love to give it a try!

  • I’d like to participate. One of my favorite project types is scrapbook mini albums. They can be hard to photograph for blogs because you almost feel like you need extra hands to reach in and hold it while you take a pic. My blog is 

  • Stacey Graham

    I’d like to participate. I have been wanting to try the Modahaus stands. I would create a tutorial on taking photos of Jewelry.  I have a page on etsy, but I haven’t posted any of my jewelry pieces up because the pictures never come out right.  
    My etsy page is  My blog is 

  • Ali Marceau

    All to excited to use my newly arrived Steady Stand 300, I would absolutely LOVE to try for a chance at a tabletop set up! I’ve been working on several costume accessories for my local comic store, mainly a bunch of emblem patches and costume buckles at the moment and would love to do a tutorial on how I’ve been working on them. I intend to do costume and prop tutorials on my VERY new blog,, (so new I haven’t been able to post yet and it still has that new blog smell) and this is very good incentive for me to get the ball rolling!

    You can always get in touch with me at my email niteshadepromise (at) gmail (dot) com!

    I seriously am loving everything you guys do and am LOVING my Steady Stand! Thanks so much for such awesome giveaways!

  • TMCPhoto

    I would do a tutorial about putting art onto the outer casing for guitar stomp boxes. I am currently working with my husband who makes his own stomp boxes, adding relief carved imagery to the outside of the boxes using hand cut stamps, glass paint and pearlescent pigments. You can reach me at my email address at I sell oranaments using the same technique at and I write a blog post at where I’ve done a few tutorials like the one found here

    I would love to participate!

  • Divya N

    Hi, I am jewelry designer and been a big fan of Modahus ever since I saw it on pearl’s (beadinggemjournal blog) I think I will do a tutorial for jewelry with Crystals and mixed media items and also show how good photographs can be taken while working with shiny objects. You could look at my work at my blog , my  facebook page is  and etsy page at a lot Divya N (jewelsofsayuri@gmail(dot)com)

  • Hi I’m a kanzashi designer/creator and I have only just discovered your wonderful product!  It would be perfect for my little flat where I have little space.  I think my tutorial will be to show people how to fold my kanzashi petals or how to arrange them.  You can see my work on my etsy store  You can also find my on facebook, Blogger and twitter  To contact me please use

  • Kathy Gabrysch

    Wow, what a wonderful product.  I have tried to take photos of my projects and have had marginal results before.  I would love to try your SS300 to get better pictures because when you sell online it is how you present the art that can make a sell.  My etsy store is  My blog address is   I would do a tutorial on taking pictures for a Etsy or internet shop.  Thank you.

  • Formysweetdaughter

    Hello I am a jewelry designer and I also make etched copper pendants for sale. I have the hardest time getting great pictures because I use natural light and am in NY where it is either raining, snowing or overcast most afternoons. I would love to try one of these tents for photographing my jewelry and pendants. I use a dslr mostly but also use a compact camera and my iphone.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Shannon Chomanczuk
    For My Sweet Daughter

  • Kay Thomerson

    I’d photograph either my jewelry or my Stained Glass, mosaics and Fused glass items. They are so hard for me to photograph. I use a small camera that looks like a DSLR, but you can’t remove/change lens.  You can see my work (and difficulty in photographing my items) at or

  • Miranda Collins

    I would photograph either the crocheted headbands I make, or the adorable baby shoes with lots of bling! I don’t have a blog up and running just yet, still trying to get things in order, and this would help! I can be contacted at mirandaemalee(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • CindyS

    I’m a metal clay artist using bronze and copper clays to make jewelry components that I sell on my Etsy store at  I’ve been experimenting with non-chemical heat patina methods in trying to add some dashes of strong, long-lasting color to my pieces.  I would write a tutorial on the best methods I’m discovering.

  • Alice Wilson

    This would definitely come in handy, as I often struggle getting the pictures sharp and precise. I would probably make a brooch, as I have a cute russian doll one planned. See the other stuff I’ve made at
    and for pics only go to

  • KathyysKrafts

    Since my digital camera died over a year ago, I have been using my smartphone to take pictures.  I don’t care for the way they comes out I have not posted anything on my Etsy site. I would love this product to help me get better pictures of my jewelry, paper crafts, or crocheted creations. I can be reached at

  • modahaus

    A huge thank you to everyone who has participated so far and we’ve been amazed and inspired by the quality of your creations. We’ll announce the winners as soon as we can after midnight PST Sunday. Good luck to you all in the Giveaway! Lex

  • Anastaciaknits

    Hi, there! I’d love to win this. I am a crochet designer, & I’d love to use this to better photograph my designs & tutorials. I’d do a tutorial on a few beginner crochet subjects that are related to my current designs. I have a Canon Power Shot SX130, my website is, I’m anastaciaknits on twitter, where I’ve been blogging about 5 years, & examples of my designs can be found

  • Anna Walker (aka @FELTit)

    Hi-I just discovered this offer and would love to use your product to better present my fiber art to my blog followers, my shop followers, and to my twitter feed. YOu can see some of my work at and my shop at You can reach me at I’m hoping to hear from you!
    Anna Walker

  • Jessica Blankenship

    I would LOVE to use this to showcase my crochet and sewing tutorials to my blog fans, facebook fans, and adding new items to my shop. I haven’t placed anything on the blog for right now because I also do mostly product reviews and giveaways (to gain followers) who will buy my items. Thanks for this.

  • Jackie marchant

    A quick message for the winners.  I was once a winner of the Modahaus unit.  I love my unit  and you will adore yours also.  Don’t be scared to jump right in there and put it to use .  It is simple and you will make stunning pictures and videos in no time.  Jacqueline Marchant oh and by the way hello Lex

  • modahaus

    Hi to you too Jackie, glad to hear you’re getting on well with your kit, Lex

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