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Christopher Boffoli’s Miniature Food Dioramas

Christopher Boffoli is a self-taught Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker and the creative genius behind the  Big Appetites series. His delightful collection of miniature food dioramas definitely evokes memories of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

christopher boffoli_banana
“Greta was able to put the discursive colonial context out of her mind and simply enjoy the ride.”

It is easy to see why his work with food and tiny toys has such universal appeal. There is a child in all of us and many of us also enjoy food. The incongruous mix of small people with food and drink has even led one person to admit, “I wish I could live in a world with oversized patisserie.”  

christopher boffoli_chefs
“Right on cue, Phillipe stepped forward to take all of the credit.”

It is only an imaginary world where food overwhelms the citizens but it is one which is full of humorous references to our real world, both visually and in the witty text which accompanies each perfectly composed photograph. This is story telling at its best!

christopher boffoli_clamshell

“Jerome finally got over his Peter Pan syndrome and popped the question.”

Christopher Boffoli’s new book will be out later this year so watch out for it in your local bookstore. It promises to be a wonderful book for all to enjoy.

christopher boffoli_lemon peel
“It was so like Patty. Right idea. Wrong execution.”

christopher boffoli_lobster
“Once again, owning an exotic pet was proving to be nothing but trouble.”

christopher boffoli_raspberries
“If they’d only realized that the killer was right there in the crowd.”

christopher boffoli_scuba divers cup of tea
“Eric always had a healthy amount of anxiety before a deep tea dive.”

“I told them production was moving too fast. But they wouldn’t listen.”

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