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Some Video and Animation Fun with the Rostrum Camera Stand!

The new Modahaus Rostrum Camera Stand is versatile allowing photographers to take product images of small and larger items like clothing. See the guide for more details. But it is more than just a stand for product photography.


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The Modahaus Rostrum Camera Stand has lift off!

Finally! Our new rostrum camera stand is out! We are really excited to offer this easy to use, inexpensive unit to all photographers. It is a fantastic accessory for overhead photography, videography and document scanning. You can use it with any smartphone, tablet, compact camera and DSLR!  No more hard shadows from tripods.


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Overhead photography remote control guide

Available in wholesale minimum quantities of 25 units upwards for new distributors and academic/corporate organisations. Email for further details.

Overhead photography remote control with the Rostrum Camera Stand is an incredibly effective and efficient workflow for stills photography and video footage and helps users produce fantastic image quality using smartphones, tablets and all styles of cameras.

overhead photography remote control guide

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Please support our Kickstarter for the New Rostrum Camera Stand!

One of the most popular requests we receive for a new product is for an overhead camera support for shooting larger objects.  We heard you loud and clear!  After six months of  design, prototype, sleep, repeat  we have come up with a 21st century take of the Rostrum Camera Stand for high quality overhead stills images and videography – and it’s fully portable!. With your help and support for our Kickstarter project, we hope to get the Rostrum Camera Stand into production and into your hands! We don’t want you to miss out on our awesome ‘Early Bird Specials’.



rostrum camera stand (1)

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