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Bentley Documentary Created and Edited with iPhones and iPads!

Iphoneography is huge these days. It is not hard to understand why.  The phones and tablets are popular because of the quality of their cameras, with each generation better than the previous. While the convenience of having a camera ready for informal photography, the Apple products have been shown to be just as good for professional footage.

bentley ad

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Innovative Food Photography by Dr Nathan Myhrvold

How we view the art of cooking was literally overturned with the publication of the masterpiece Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking where the authors, who are also scientists, share their passion in a totally new way. The book covers their insights into what happens when food is cooked and how to get the most sublime results.

Nathan Myhrvold food photography 1

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Samunnat Artisans Using Modahaus Steady Stand in Nepal

It is simply amazing where the Modahaus photo studios end up! Wendy Moore, an Australian artist and therapist, wrote to us about how the  artisans of Samunnat Nepal were benefiting from the Steady Stand.  This non-profit group was started by Wendy, Kopila Basnet, a Nepali attorney and others to help women there escape domestic violence and the horrors of human trafficking.

samunnat bead strands_650

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DSLR Overhead Photography – Steady Stand SS300 Kit

DSLR overhead photography of products is now incredibly easy and effective with this revolutionary Steady Stand SS300 Kit.

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Pearl and Diamond Photography Tips

Pearl and diamond photography can present a few challenges. These few simple tips also apply to other gemstone and bead photography whatever your camera device – smartphone, compact camera, mirrorless camera or DSLR. We’re just finishing off a shoot for a vintage watch and jewelry catalogue that will be appearing in print as well as online.

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iPhone 5 Panoramic Product Photography

Using the iPhone 5 for panoramic product photography creates surprisingly high quality images. In Apple’s recent keynote when they launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone C a key figure mentioned stuck in my mind. The mention that the iPhone 5S created 28 mp images in the panorama mode intrigued me. I immediately set about shooting a few landscape panoramas with my iPhone 5. I was taken aback with the overall image quality and the seamless blend of the whole image, providing I kept the camera steady and performed a smooth sweep of the scene. I then did my very first panoramic product photography shoot with the iPhone 5 and I’m blown away with the results – see below. The video shows how easy this technique really is! Be sure to check out  the 100% sized image after the jump.

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Watch How a Product Photographer Uses Special Effects

Product photographers not only have to be able to take great photographs, but they also have to convey something about their subjects. In other words, they have to shoot to sell!  Benjamin Von Wong rose to that challenge with his amazing photo shoot  for ioSafeN2, a disaster-proof hard drive built to withstand water and fire.

von wong fire and water product photography 2

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Mr Lentz’s Handmade Wooden Planter Photography

Some people are incredibly talented.  Take Evan Lentz of MrLentz  for example.  This self-styled “modern cowboy of the creative revolution” is an accomplished wood working and leather artisan as well as a photographer.

lentz_grass knuckle rings

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Bela Borsodi’s Amazing Ad Photography

It’s one thing to be a good product photographer but another to be an outstanding one.  Viennese born New York based Bela Borsodi is renowned for his amazing advertising and editorial photography.  He counts among his many clients major publications such as the NY Times magazine, Wall Street Journal as well as Bloomingdales, Swarovski, Hermes and Puma.

bela borsodi_vlp terrain final

VLP Terrain : Lable Idyllic Noise

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Things Come Apart Photography Shows What’s Inside Tools and Devices

Todd McLellan is a Canadian photographer who cultivated his passion for his craft back in art college.  One of his special projects is his Things Come Apart series where he shows spectacular pictures of what our favorite tools and household devices look like inside.  They are fascinating to look at as most of us cannot imagine their complexity and can only marvel at the many hundred parts it can sometimes take to make a modern product work.

todd mclellan_early mac

Early Macintosh Computer

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