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FridgeCam Helps with Food Monitoring

Smart homes are the latest technology trends where gadgets, cameras and smartphone apps combine for all kinds of home monitoring.  Fridge Cam by the British company Smarter Am, is a wireless camera which is placed inside a home refridgerator  so the home owner can see the contents via an app. It is a much cheaper alternative to the new smart appliances being offered.

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Streetography – Capture and Share the Essence of Places

What if you want to know what a place is like or where you could go to take great photos of a place?  Streetography is a new iOS app which lets users capture and share the essence of places .  Streetography is certainly a different kind of photo sharing.  Maps are overlaid with curated, high quality pictures taken at those places. The photographs are primarily from 500px at the moment but the company hopes to expand its usage.

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Microsoft Pix Uses AI to Improve Your iPhone Photographs

There are a whole ton of photography apps available to improve your iPhone photography. But Microsoft Pix is a new app which simplifies the improvement process by using artificial intelligence (AI). This means there is no more struggling to capture good pictures, especially people-centric ones.

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Unfade : Photo Scanning App also Restores Faded Images

Unfade is a useful iOS app which lets you scan old photos.  It not only digitizes them quickly but the creators have integrated a special color filter to help restore faded images. Ease of use is a major feature of this app.  That will certainly help make the task of dealing with boxes of old photos and piles of photo albums a lot quicker!

unfade photo scanning app

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Fripito : Smartphone App Helps Travel Photographers Find the Best Locations

Keen photographers need to do some research if they are travelling to a new location.  Otherwise they will not know where the best photographic sites might be.  Fripito is a smartphone app which helps travel photographers by making the research a lot easier. The information needed will save much time and will help photographers plan their trip better. They will also be able to anticipate the kind of gear they will need.

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Cinemagraph Pro App Turns Your Facebook Profile into a Living Photo

Want your Facebook profile picture to really come alive?  You’ve got to check out the Cinematograph app (free on iTunes) by Flixel . It helps convert a video into a cinematograph in just seconds using either the iPhone or iPad.  This is new development is a partnership between Facebook and Flixel.  Shown here are 3 cinematographs created using the app.  Mela is the model.

flixel_facebook profile living photo 1

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No More Rectangular Photos | Chat with Immersive 360° Photos using Photonomie

Photonomie is a new app which promises “no more rectangular photos” when chatting with your friends and families.  What it offers is a very easy way of taking non-flat pictures.  This is accomplished by simply pivoting, tilting and sweeping the scene before you with your iPhone camera with any angle you want up to 360 degrees.


photonomie screen shots

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Microsoft Selfie App Makes Your Selfies Better!

Selfies are getting ever more popular on social media.  So the Microsoft Selfie app for iPhones is sure to please. It “uses computer vision and machine learning to enhance the images you take, removing noise and auto-correcting for poor lighting.”   What that means is the app analyzes your face, even guesses your age, gender and takes in account skin tone and lighting in order to improve your selfies.

microsoft selfie app 2

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3D Smartphone Photography with the Bevel Device

Bevel is the latest smartphone accessory which allows users to take 3D images. The device is by Matter and Form It attaches to the camera via the headphone jacks of either iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

bevel 3d photography 4

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2015bestnine Shows Your 9 Most Popular 2015 Instagram Posts

Share a lot of pictures on Instagram?  Then you’d want to know which are your top photographs for the past year.  2015bestnine is a website that lets you enter just your instagram ID (or maybe that of your friend).  The site then pulls up which are the most popular instagram posts and displays them in a simple grid.  The algorithm is based on the number of likes the photographs received.


2015bestnine_taylor swift


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