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New Way of Making 3D Holograms with Inkjet Printers!

The Lumi team headed by Thomas A. Baran, Matthew Hirsch and Daniel Leithinger from MIT have come up with an innovative new full color 3D holographic image capture technique using ordinary inkjet printers. The average consumer could indeed be able to DIY, for example, a holographic selfie without the need for special lenses.

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New Abstract Imagery Photocrowd Contest : Win A Modahaus Photo Studio

Another exciting photography contest has just been announced by the folks over on Photocrowd.  This time the theme is on Abstract Imagery.  The expert’s winner will be chosen by Daniela Bowker, and the crowd’s favorite will each receive a Modahaus photo studio of their choice!

Winners of the Photocrowd Table Top Still Life Photography Contest

The Photocrowd Table Top Still Life contest is over! 945 images were submitted and a staggering total of 61,625 votes were cast. The two winners in the Expert Vote and Crowd Favorite categories will each receive a Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS400.

photocrowd expert choice winner

Expert 1st Prize Winner : Seow Swee Meng

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Camera Store’s Parody of Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6

In an age where smartphone photography has eclipsed dSLR and compact camera usage, a Canadian camera store chain in British Columbia, Lens and Shutter, came up with an ingenious ad. It’s a parody of Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6 campaign where beautiful iphoneographic examples by real users are shared.

parody of shot on an iphone 6 ad 1

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4th Annual Cape Cod iPhone Photography Workshop

What could be a better match then learning how to take your iphoneography to the next level at picturesque Cape Cod?  Our friend, Jack Hollingsworth, an awesome award winning iphoneographer, is conducting his 4th Annual Cape Code iPhone Photography Workshop from June 16-19, 2016.

iphone photography workshop 3

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Win a Modahaus Studio Pro TS400 | Table Top Still Life Contest

Beautiful still life is not only an art form but it serves to showcase the subject and draw the viewer in.  The digital photography form of still life today is important for product advertising.  We invite you all to a wonderful challenge over on Photocrowd where you get to show off your photographic skills and maybe win one of the two Modahaus Studio Pro TS400 prizes!

still life contest 1

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2015bestnine Shows Your 9 Most Popular 2015 Instagram Posts

Share a lot of pictures on Instagram?  Then you’d want to know which are your top photographs for the past year.  2015bestnine is a website that lets you enter just your instagram ID (or maybe that of your friend).  The site then pulls up which are the most popular instagram posts and displays them in a simple grid.  The algorithm is based on the number of likes the photographs received.


2015bestnine_taylor swift


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Russian Martial Arts School Teaches Self Defense with a Selfie Stick!

Selfie sticks have already been banned in some popular destinations like Disneyland and museums for either safety or nuisance concerns. But according to one Moscow based martial arts school, the selfie stick can be used in self defense at least in areas where they are still allowed!

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A Quick Look at 11 Years of Cassini Saturn Photos

The unmanned Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997. Since it’s arrival in 2004, the spacecraft has been in Saturn’s orbit for the past 11 years sending back important data and images. Some of the images of the planet with its rings and moons are simply out of this world, pun intended.


Artist Impression of Cassini Probe Insertion in Saturn Orbit

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FLASH SALE! Save $15/£10 on the TS216 PhotoStudio!

Want to save some money?  Our smallest Modahaus tabletop photo studio, the TS216 is now a whooping  $15/£10 off.  This is only while stocks last, so don’t miss it!


The advanced polymer is anti-static and wipe clean. Like all the other Modahaus photostudio units, the smartcase doubles as a diffuser. And oh, did we mention, the shipping is free worldwide?