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A Super Quick Way to Add Hashtags to Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites.  It is pretty easy to post photographs directly from your smartphone. Hashtags are necessary for discovery but entering those hashtags is a chore. So check out Nick Pecori’s tip for a super quick way to add those hashtags.  

You shouldn’t be typing in the hashtags manually. Too slow and that method gets old fast. Nor is using and copying from the Notes app for your favorite hashtag groups that much more efficient.

His solution is to use the the text replacement function of the keyboard. Once you see how he does it, you will never go back to the old ways!

Black Friday 20% Off Modahaus Photo Studio | Free Photography Tips

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Wine Bottle Photography Tips

These simple wine bottle photography tips shooting on a white background will help save valuable time and money. Following these simple tips will take away the frustrations of controlling reflections and lighting leaving you plenty time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour ­čÖé

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Rostrum Camera Stand Guide

Available in wholesale minimum quantities of 25 units upwards for new distributors and academic/corporate organisations. Email for further details.

This Rostrum Camera Stand quick start guide takes you through set up, location, lighting and techniques for overhead stills photography and video.

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Overhead photography remote control guide

Available in wholesale minimum quantities of 25 units upwards for new distributors and academic/corporate organisations. Email for further details.

Overhead photography remote control with the Rostrum Camera Stand is an incredibly effective and efficient workflow for stills photography and video footage and helps users produce fantastic image quality using smartphones, tablets and all styles of cameras.

overhead photography remote control guide

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DSLR Overhead Photography – Steady Stand SS300 Kit

DSLR overhead photography of products is now incredibly easy and effective with this revolutionary Steady Stand SS300 Kit.

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Pearl and Diamond Photography Tips

Pearl and diamond photography can present a few challenges. These few simple tips also apply to other gemstone and bead photography whatever your camera device – smartphone, compact camera, mirrorless camera or DSLR. We’re just finishing off a shoot for a vintage watch and jewelry catalogue that will be appearing in print as well as online.

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iPhone 5 Panoramic Product Photography

Using the iPhone 5 for panoramic product photography creates surprisingly high quality images. In Apple’s recent keynote when they launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone C a key figure mentioned stuck in my mind. The mention that the iPhone 5S created 28 mp images in the panorama mode intrigued me. I immediately set about shooting a few landscape panoramas with my iPhone 5. I was taken aback with the overall image quality and the seamless blend of the whole image, providing I kept the camera steady and performed a smooth sweep of the scene. I then did my very first panoramic product photography shoot with the iPhone 5 and I’m blown away with the results – see below. The video shows how easy this technique really is!┬áBe sure to check out ┬áthe 100% sized image after the jump.

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iPhone 5 Tabloid Document Scanner

We discovered this awesome technique we just had to share! Using the Steady Stand 300 Kit and iPhone 5 you effectively have an IOS Tabloid Document Scanner! Works with Androids too!

Using the largest stand in the kit and an iPhone 5 with the camera set to panorama we simply place our tabloid or A3 plus document┬á Read more…

Steady Stand 300 Kit Quick Start Guide

The Modahaus Steady Stand 300 Kit has been designed from the ground up to accommodate a variety of devices and cameras including Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets, Compact Cameras and DSLR’s. Here we’ll give you an outline of the kit and a quick start guide on how to make the most of the kit for product photography and document scanning. We’ll be adding more posts on specific techniques like this one on Tabloid Document Scanning with the Steady Stand 300 Kit.

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