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Overhead photography remote control guide

Available in wholesale minimum quantities of 25 units upwards for new distributors and academic/corporate organisations. Email for further details.

Overhead photography remote control with the Rostrum Camera Stand is an incredibly effective and efficient workflow for stills photography and video footage and helps users produce fantastic image quality using smartphones, tablets and all styles of cameras.

overhead photography remote control guide

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ScanMyPhotos’ Prepaid Box Service Digitizes Old Photographs

We generally recommend scanning old photographs (and documents) yourself using our Modahaus steady stands.  This is the most economical and private way to digitize physical prints. You can prioritize and work on the conversions over time.


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iPhone 5 Tabloid Document Scanner

We discovered this awesome technique we just had to share! Using the Steady Stand 300 Kit and iPhone 5 you effectively have an IOS Tabloid Document Scanner! Works with Androids too!

Using the largest stand in the kit and an iPhone 5 with the camera set to panorama we simply place our tabloid or A3 plus document  Read more…

Dok-Dok iPad Document Scanner

Dok-Dok iPad document scanner and case is an awesome Kickstarter project offering great rewards for backers…right now!

The Dok-Dok turns your iPad into a portable scanner. It’s a unique document scanner built in to a sleek aluminum case. Using the iPad’s camera, you create high quality scans fast, even in low light. It can be used with a voice activated shutter release, Apple earphones as a cable release or simply a gentle tap for manual Shutter release. Dok-Dok accommodates single and multi-page documents, paper and board, photos, artwork and maps and no juice is required!

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