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Unique products for Ebay and Amazon Traders

Unique products for Ebay and Amazon Traders are few and far between. Modahaus Photo Accessories are now inviting online retailers to join their global distributor network.

We’ve built a great relationship with our first distributor, Omnivas of Okinawa, Japan and are now pleased to extend their distributorship to ‘full exclusivity’ for the Japanese marketplace.

In a few short years Modahaus have built a solid customer base in well over 100 countries and we’re now opening up distributorships for our largest markets – USA, UK, Canada and Australia. And if the fit is right, we’re open to giving full exclusivity for these core markets!

steady stand-tabletop studio bundles

Is your business the right fit?

Omnivas, we mention earlier, are a great fit for Modahaus Tabletop Studios. They supplement Modahaus products with a range of photo accessories, including lighting, which is a classic example of cross selling. Indeed, Omnivas also bundle Modahaus Tabletop Studios with their own lighting kits.

So, if you’re an online retailer, Ebay or Amazon trader in one of these core markets and specialize in photo accessories or wider related markets, then it’s very likely we’ll make a good fit.

To show our commitment to establishing these distributorships rapidly, we’re no longer selling direct to consumers here on our website and now only sell wholesale directly to our distributors.

Why the time is ripe?

We’re based in Bonnie Scotland, part of the UK, where we design and manufacture the unique Modahaus range. Since the UK embarked on the Brexit path the British £ exchange rate has dropped around 20% against most currencies and many experts have said this will prevail over the long term. This is great news for our overseas customers and it makes our offering that much more competitive!

Why this is good for our customers?

Over the last few years we’ve been astonished by the patience demonstrated by our overseas customers during our often lengthy standard delivery service, especially those from countries where next day, or even same day delivery is the norm. You’d be right in thinking they must really want their Modahaus kit!

But we fundamentally believe our customers deserve a better delivery service and we also recognise many of these customers are businesses working to tight business schedules. Hence we have an urgent need for established retailers committed to providing excellent service to their domestic customers.

If you’re a retailer in our market and share these values, then let’s talk soon. Drop us an Email at and we’ll get the ball rolling.

If you’re reading this as a potential customer for Modahaus products, we thank you for your patience whilst we’re establishing our distributor network. We’re doing all we can to fast track the transition. If you know of a retailer local to you who would be a good fit for Modahaus products then please let us know. Or better still, share this announcement with your local retailer, copy us in and we’ll reward your efforts if that results in a successful addition to our retailer network.

Many thanks

The Modahaus Team

Note – For clarity, we’re unable to support drop shipping retailers.

MAGQI – Portable Wireless Charger for Your Smartphone

Running out of power when you are out and about is so frustrating. That wonderful moment which you wanted to photograph suddenly passes by.  So avid smartphone users and photographers will appreciate the MaGQI, a portable wireless charger for your device which you can use anywhere. 

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Ungrip : Smartphone Strap Helps You Hold Your Device Safely

Smartphones are expensive gadgets. So dropping them accidentally can be heart stopping!  The Ungrip Smartphone strap offers an inexpensive and even fashionable solution to that problem. The small finger strap is mounted at the back of the device which allows the user to hold their smartphone safely. Even when holding the smartphone in one hand.

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FridgeCam Helps with Food Monitoring

Smart homes are the latest technology trends where gadgets, cameras and smartphone apps combine for all kinds of home monitoring.  Fridge Cam by the British company Smarter Am, is a wireless camera which is placed inside a home refridgerator  so the home owner can see the contents via an app. It is a much cheaper alternative to the new smart appliances being offered.

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Mokacam’s Alpha is the First Wearable Camera with Shutter Wheel

Mokacam, the makers of the award winning and smallest 4K action camera have come up with their second generation cameras. The Alpha and Alpha S are the first wearable cameras with shutter wheels.  These are powerful, compact cameras which are also affordable. 

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Steadicam Volt : a Compact and Portable Smartphone Stabilizer

Steadicams for stabilizing video cameras have been around for decades. They tend to be heavy and cumbersome.  The lightweight and easy to use Steadicam Volt changes all that.  It offers precision and control for high quality smartphone photography.  The device comes with iOS & Android apps which gives users the ability to balance and tune it. 

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CAMSLINGER – Camera Hip Bag Designed for One Handed Access

The CAMSLINGER is well named. This camera hip bag was designed for one handed access in one second.  A swift draw just like the gunslingers in the Wild West era!  It can also be worn as a sling bag.

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iLuun : World’s First Wireless Storage Drive for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Keen smartphone photographers are really limited for storage space on their mobile devices. Downloading and transferring is not always convenient or totally safe from potential hackers in the case of cloud storage. But iLuun, the world’s first wireless storage drive for smartphones and tablets aims to solve all that.

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Snooperscope Lets You Use Your Smartphone for Dark Night Photography

The Snooperscope is a portable night vision lens which can be easily coupled with smartphones (iOS and Android) for superior images and videos taken in total darkness or extreme low light conditions. The device will be useful for hunters, wildlife researchers, nature enthusiasts and so on.  The Snooperscope can also be used for home security as it is equipped with sound and motion detection capabilities.

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Dog Parker : Camera Equipped Smart Dog House Keeps Your Dog Safe

The smart home is no longer exclusive to humans. Dog Parker is a new kind of dog house armed with the latest technology.  It is essentially a service where you can leave your dog safely while you pop into shops for your errands.  The camera equipped kennel uses internet connectivity and pairing with an app to let owners keep tabs on their pets.  

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