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Beautiful Insect Embroidery Art by Humayrah Poppins

Humayrah Bint Altaf is a UK needlework artist who creates beautiful insect embroidery art. Using all kinds of threads including silk and metallic ones, she incorporates antique beads, cords, metal wires into her highly textured designs.  Her insects look as if they are ready to fly away!

She began studying fashion but switched to studying hand embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework which suited her better. Her work is time consuming,  “Each bead, each piece of leather, each metal is stitched with concentration and much deliberation.  Certain pieces have to be repeatedly unstitched, redone, and redesigned before they’re finished.”

She explains how she finds her inspiration , “I often wander through the woods near my home, where I gather leaves, twigs, feathers and other things I can find to bring back home and preserve.” She shares all her work on her Instagram. Original work and commission requests are available on her Etsy.


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