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Amazing Hand Blown Glass Animals by Scott Bisson

Oregon glass artist, Scott Bisson of Quantum Creative Glass, became passionate about glass when he was still in his teens. Today, he is known for his extraordinary craftmanship in his chosen field, creating amazing hand blown glass animals.

scott bisson_glass octopus 1

His glass sculptures are beautifully colored. The natural and graceful lines of his work make the animals look incredibly life like. It is clear he appreciates the natural world a great deal and is able to express it through molten glass with his artistic skills.

scott bisson_horned toad

His focus on animals also began in his early years. He was especially captivated with reptiles.  He tells this childhood tale with relish, “I nearly gave my mother a heart attack when at the tender age of six I surprised her with a meter long gopher snake I had caught. At a glance the American gopher snake can be mistaken for its more deadly cousin the American rattle snake.”

scott bisson_glass snakes

Now in his 26th year of glass blowing, Scott deliberately works at an intensive pace. He truly believes “If he isn’t sweating and racing around like a madman he just isn’t doing his best.” He adds, “If I don’t lose a piece a day from getting in over my head, then I am not pushing myself hard enough. Skill is the raw material of a great piece, and drive and energy make it take shape.”  

scott bisson_glass snake close up

He is clearly a master at what he does.  His personal mission statement and one that he likes to impart on all his glass students is “Every piece is a masterpiece!”

scott bisson_glass frogs

scott bisson_gator

scott bison_caterpillar

scott bisson_skink

All images are copyright of Scott Bisson. Photographs used with permission.

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