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About Modahaus

Modahaus is a subsidiary brand of Edinburgh based McColl Productions Limited. We produce innovative tabletop photo studios and document scanners designed for durability, portability and ease of use with all sorts of cameras including smartphones and tablets. Our no fabric, no wrinkle designs eliminate unwanted shadows typically seen with traditional light tents.

All the products are lightweight, made from an environmentally friendly polymer and are flat packed for shipping and storage. The polymer is made to the same exacting standards as those used in medical environments.  The studios are wipe-clean, food safe and the polymer readily accepts and releases prop wax, gaffer tape and blue tacky stuff.

The polymer diffuses light well allowing the right level of light penetration. Mixing the translucent white backdrop together with the translucent colored backdrops creates a myriad of background color options in richer, deeper or more muted colors. They also allow for straightforward illumination from behind to provide accent halos.

These effects with traditional lighting methods are usually tricky, expensive and time consuming to achieve, and require a lot of space. The Modahaus units are highly compact, productive travelling photography studios and extremely cost effective.

The Modahaus name was inspired by ‘Modus Operandi’, Latin for method of operation and the Bauhaus school of design which emphasises functionalism and simplicity.

The Modahaus Team

Lex McColl

Lex is the creator and the driving force behind Modahaus. He always bristles with ideas so much so the CAD/CAM team positively dread Monday mornings because he has had the whole weekend to think!

This Edinburgh native comes by his enthusiasm naturally. He has been able to channel what his school teachers once described as a disruptive nature into a successful career in first in advertising with a division of Saatchi & Saatchi and later into product design. He joined the board of Scotland’s leading design agency which rapidly expanded with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and London.

His extensive experience with various media included photography. Already a keen photographer from an early age, his agency work meant that he was often called in to cover a shoot – usually when there was minimal budget!

In 1995, he set up McColl Productions, the parent company of Modahaus. Many of his clients are jewelers, diamond traders and vintage watch dealers. Taking pictures of luxury goods was a pleasure in more ways than one as he got to handle expensive items he could never afford himself!

The need to take high quality pictures outside a fully equipped professional photo studio set up was what spurred him to develop the portable Modahaus tabletop studios. He knew there had to be a better alternative to traditional light tents.

That’s when his experience in photography and product design naturally melded together and Modahaus was born. His expertise with material specification and manufacturing processes didn’t hurt either. That it is also environmentally friendly is important to him.

Lex is constantly busy making sure the Modahaus line continues to evolve and adapt to new ways of capturing images or scanning documents. The rapid pace of change in camera and smartphone design requires accessories like Modahaus products which allow customers to make the most of that technology. But beyond that, he takes absolute pleasure in designing accessories for products that have not yet reached the market. Being ahead of that paradigm shift in the way we capture, use and share images is what Lex is all about.

Pearl Blay

Pearl is a jewelry artisan with an additional creative passion for blogging.  This Canadian is a contributing writer and the social media maven at Modahaus. She also writes her own blog, The Beading Gem’s Journal. Her other creative pursuits includes photography and learning how to take really good product pictures of small shiny objects.

Behind the Scenes

Dan, Paul and Ryan, our web developers and designers work tirelessly keeping our web presence finely tuned and looking sweet ensuring our customer’s visiting experience is everything it should be. With an ear to the ground and their fingers on the button these guys keep us up front at the leading edge of webernet developments.

Tracy, our bookkeeper and office manager, some would say, has her head in the clouds! Cloud computing that is! Tracy heads our crusade towards ‘The Paperless Office’ and her favorite filing receptacle is the trash can. She’s also very possessive about her Steady Stand SS300.

Gary and Euan are responsible for quality control and production on the factory floor. They also play a key part in our new product developments and CAD/CAM prototyping.

Paul G and Keith are our key players at our shipping warehouse (open 363 days per year). Heading up our dispatch team they monitor and control all our customer’s daily shipments ensuring orders reach their destination safe and sound whatever corner of the globe that is.


Modahaus are a rapidly growing company with a number of new products in the pipeline. We are always open to discuss new retail and corporate trade opportunities.

Guest Writer

As Modahaus are expanding from the ‘Photo Accessories’ market to also encompass the ‘document scanning’ sector we are interested in connecting with guest writers with a speciality in this field. If you are at the forefront in the move towards ‘The Paperless Office’ then we’d like to hear from you. We have some new products you’re going to love!

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