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A Crane a Day | The 365 Origami Crane Project

Cristian Marianciuc is an artist and by his account, an “exceptionally ordinary” origami enthusiast. But his 365 origami crane project on Instagram  is not ordinary. What he does is make a crane a day!

origami crane project 4

He explained, “I decided to start a different kind of diary at the beginning of this year. Everyday, I fold an origami crane and using it as a blank canvas, I describe my day through colors, shadows and everything that surrounds me.  He added, “It has helped my creativity a great deal, and it has also become somewhat of a daily ritual.”

origami crane project 5

His expressive cranes are each very different not just in color and added elements but in the photographic compositions and backgrounds. The artist cleverly uses shallow depth of field in some. In others, he integrates shadows with the cranes.  A wonderful 365 origami crane project indeed!  Check out what Cristian is up to on his Facebook.

origami crane project 11

origami crane project 8

origami crane project 10

origami crane project 9

origami crane project 7

origami crane project 6

origami crane project 2

All images are copyright of Cristian Marianciuc. Photographs used with permission.


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