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6 Top Uses of the Modahaus Steady Stand

The Modahaus Steady Stand is compact and folds down easily as do all the Modahaus products.  It was originally developed as a portable photo studio for overhead product photography with iPhones, Smartphones and Compact Cameras. Photographers without all the bells and whistles of a professional studio can still get impressive results with just the Steady Stand even if they never travel!  It is a highly versatile product which can be used in a number of ways.

Modahaus Steady Stand 300 for overhead jewellery group shot

Modahaus Steady Stand 300 for overhead jewellery group shot

Overhead Product Photography

Taking overhead photographs usually entails expensive photo equipment. The stability and alignment of the camera is critical. Yet with the steady stand, such photographs are easy to take.  The Steady Stand Range comes in 3 sizes so something as small as a tiny insect or something as large as the latest pottery creation can be captured from above, highlighting details which may not be seen from the side. The overhead viewpoint is often the ideal angle for many product photography shots.

Document Scanning

Modahaus Steady Stands brings the goal of ‘ The Paperless Office ‘ well within your grasp. Papers, receipts, statements, bills – you name it – can all be captured on camera and the images saved on computers or uploaded to ‘ Cloud ‘ based storage.  Archiving has never been this easy!  Use the SS100SP or SS100CC  for business cards, the SS200 for half US letter/ A5 sizes and the SS300 for full US letter/A4 sizes.

Video Tutorials and Video Panning

It’s not just about still photography! The making of a how-to video tutorial is much easier using the Steady Stand as the instructor’s hands can be filmed from above and clearly seen.  Many videos on Youtube are unhelpful because the instructors were filmed at a distance and the close-up movements were thus lost.  The Steady Stand is definitely sturdy enough to move along for panned video shots. Recommended stand sizes for video tutorials are the SS200 and SS300.

Stand for Subject Suspension

The Steady Stand also works as a ready made prop when combined with the Tabletop Studio. Tabletop Studio Pro TS216 shown. A necklace or pendant can be easily and quickly suspended from the Steady stand to allow for front facing photographs.

Light and Wind Control

The Steady Stand side walls also act as a light diffuser and help control reflections in shiny subjects such as jewelry photography. It can also help reduce subject movement from wind when photographing outdoors.

iPhone 4S Steady Stand 200 and Smart Wallet

iPhone 4S, Steady Stand 200 and Smart Wallet

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