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50 States of America Lego Dioramas by Jeff Friesen

Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen’s The Brick Fantastic collection is a truly delightful series of Lego dioramas representing each of the US states.  This talented photographer is a master of backgrounds and setups as well as the possessor of a wonderful sense of humor as well as a whole lot of Lego!

Jeff Freisen_Arizona

ARIZONA : Good fences make good neighbors?

He  cleverly captures the essence of each state with wit and candor.  From the obvious reference of The Wizard of Oz for Kansas, to the Roswell UFO incident in New Mexico, each and every one of his dioramas makes for an enjoyable “journey” through all 50 states.  His prints are available for sale on his website.

Jeff Freisen Colorado

COLORADO : Head ‘em up, move ‘em out, send ‘em down…the famous snowboard wranglers of Aspen.

jeff freisen indiana_500

INDIANA : After bouncing back from crash after crash all season the mysterious racer won the 500 by driving like he had nothing to lose.

Jeff Freisen_Kansas

KANSAS : There’s no place like home, but if your home is frequently blown aloft it helps to wear a parachute indoors.

Jeff Freisen New_Mexico

NEW MEXICO : People tend to shy away from probing questions in the land of enchantment.

Jeff Freisen_Nevada

NEVADA : What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas hopes Gilbert, who rarely stage-crashes showgirl performances back in Des Moines.

Jeff Freisen Tennessee

TENNESSEE : One can’t help falling in love with a quadruple layer club sandwich.

All images copyright 2013 Jeff Friesen. Photographs used with permission.

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