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3D LEGO Animal Sculptures by Felix Jaensch

German artist, Felix Jaensch, has an uncanny ability to translate individual building blocks in works of art.  He explained, “I have been building with LEGO for 27 years now. I started when I was three years old.”  He has focused on his delightful lifelike 3D LEGO animal sculptures for the past 5 years or so.  He considers LEGO is a great medium for 3D art as evident with his series.


Why animals?  He explained, “I was always fascinated by nature and biodiversity and I like to build organic forms with those angular bricks.”  The time he takes for each sculpture varies, depending on the size and his inspiration.   He adds, “Small animals may be finished in just some hours, big projects can take months. But I never counted the hours or bricks which I spend on one sculpture. I often modify some details even months after I finished an animal.”


The artist also sells a few of his animals in kit form over on MOC Nation.  He is also raising support for his guinea pig design on LEGO Ideas.




lego-animal-art-_-shark lego-animal-art-_-tiger

All photographs and art are copyright of the artist. Images used with permission.

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