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Paper Cut Anatomical Art by Light and Paper

Canadian artist, Ali Harrison is a deft hand with a sharp blade. She is the maker behind Light and Paper which creates all sorts of paper cut and laser cut art work.  She makes all kinds of home decor items, cake toppers – all based on her art. Her paper cut anatomical art collection is but one example of her incredibly intricate work. 

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Origami Inspired Ceramic Tableware by MoijDesign

Angelina Erhorn is one of two German product designers behind Moij Design. They come up with novel and fun furniture and home decor designs. One outstanding collection by Angelina Erhorn is her handmade origami inspired ceramic tableware.  She creates delicate porcelain plates, cups, bowls and vases with the distinctive folded paper style.


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Geode Inspired Beeswax Sculptures by Laura Moriarty

New York based Laura Moriarty calls herself a geologically inspired visual artist. She works with highly colored molten beeswax. She melts them into beautiful geode-like sculptures. There are not only distinct rings of every hue but the centers of her art work are also visually captivating.  Her art process seem to reflect geological processes like erosion and weathering. 

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Adorable Pet Ceramic Art by Tetsuya Iseda

Tetsuya Iseda is a Japanese ceramic artist who makes adorable pet ceramic art. His first inspiration was a pug which belonged to his parents. He later adopted a calico cat.  He is charmed by their facial expressions and went on to craft all kinds of dogs and cats.  His Etsy store, Sirosfunnyanimals, features many  Shiba Inu ceramic pieces.  It is not surprising to see why because this Japanese dog breed is indeed adorable.

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A Super Quick Way to Add Hashtags to Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites.  It is pretty easy to post photographs directly from your smartphone. Hashtags are necessary for discovery but entering those hashtags is a chore. So check out Nick Pecori’s tip for a super quick way to add those hashtags.  

You shouldn’t be typing in the hashtags manually. Too slow and that method gets old fast. Nor is using and copying from the Notes app for your favorite hashtag groups that much more efficient.

His solution is to use the the text replacement function of the keyboard. Once you see how he does it, you will never go back to the old ways!

Beautiful Insect Embroidery Art by Humayrah Poppins

Humayrah Bint Altaf is a UK needlework artist who creates beautiful insect embroidery art. Using all kinds of threads including silk and metallic ones, she incorporates antique beads, cords, metal wires into her highly textured designs.  Her insects look as if they are ready to fly away!

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MAGQI – Portable Wireless Charger for Your Smartphone

Running out of power when you are out and about is so frustrating. That wonderful moment which you wanted to photograph suddenly passes by.  So avid smartphone users and photographers will appreciate the MaGQI, a portable wireless charger for your device which you can use anywhere. 

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Adorable Needle Felted Food Replicas

Winnie Chui is a Canadian crafter with a fun collection of needle felted miniatures and replicas. Her adorable food replicas in particular look good enough to eat!  They are realistically sized. Her painstaking work takes hours to finish. 

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Ungrip : Smartphone Strap Helps You Hold Your Device Safely

Smartphones are expensive gadgets. So dropping them accidentally can be heart stopping!  The Ungrip Smartphone strap offers an inexpensive and even fashionable solution to that problem. The small finger strap is mounted at the back of the device which allows the user to hold their smartphone safely. Even when holding the smartphone in one hand.

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