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Origami Animal Art Preserved in Bell Jars

Floriane Touitou is a French physicist turned designer whose passion for paper led to her origami animal art. What is different is that all her art pieces are preserved in bell jars! She uses high quality washi paper and makes the bell jar stands herself.

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FridgeCam Helps with Food Monitoring

Smart homes are the latest technology trends where gadgets, cameras and smartphone apps combine for all kinds of home monitoring.  Fridge Cam by the British company Smarter Am, is a wireless camera which is placed inside a home refridgerator  so the home owner can see the contents via an app. It is a much cheaper alternative to the new smart appliances being offered.

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Crystallized Book Sculptures by Alexis Arnold

San Francisco based artist, Alexis Arnold, takes unwanted but carefully chosen books and transforms them into works of art!  Her crystallized book sculptures look like the books have been frozen in time.  She explains, “The crystals remove the text and solidify the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects.” They do give the idea that they have  “become artifacts or geologic specimens imbued with the history of time, use, and memory.” 

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Mokacam’s Alpha is the First Wearable Camera with Shutter Wheel

Mokacam, the makers of the award winning and smallest 4K action camera have come up with their second generation cameras. The Alpha and Alpha S are the first wearable cameras with shutter wheels.  These are powerful, compact cameras which are also affordable. 

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Food Artist Makes Healthy Eating Fun!

Children are notoriously picky eaters especially when it comes to vegetables. However one child, Jacob, is lucky to have a food artist for a mother! Australian, Laleh Mohmedi makes healthy eating fun with her delightful food art and shares them on her Instagram.

Mash potato with black bean noodle and spring onion

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Steadicam Volt : a Compact and Portable Smartphone Stabilizer

Steadicams for stabilizing video cameras have been around for decades. They tend to be heavy and cumbersome.  The lightweight and easy to use Steadicam Volt changes all that.  It offers precision and control for high quality smartphone photography.  The device comes with iOS & Android apps which gives users the ability to balance and tune it. 

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The Arbori – Keepers of the Forest Resin Art

Emily Coleman of EmilySculpts is a self taught sculptor whose imagination and creativity shines in her The Abori collection. These are fantasy creatures who are the “Keepers of the Forest”. They take different shapes and forms including her amazing tree dragons. 

The Abori – Spring Dragon

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CAMSLINGER – Camera Hip Bag Designed for One Handed Access

The CAMSLINGER is well named. This camera hip bag was designed for one handed access in one second.  A swift draw just like the gunslingers in the Wild West era!  It can also be worn as a sling bag.

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Ceramic Animal Art by Pho Ceramics

Audra is the Lithuanian artist behind the whimsical ceramic animal creations of Pho Ceramics.  These cups, bowls and home decor items are in the shape of elephants, dinosaurs, anteaters, deer, hippos and so on.  Her work is laborious and time consuming. The pieces require “multiple 24-hour firings in the kiln, glazing, painting, gold or silver plating. Most often the final product takes up to a couple of weeks to finish, but what comes out of it makes all this so worth it.”

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