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Amazing Architectural Cakes by Dinara Kasko

Dinara Kasko is an Ukrainian master pastry chef who makes amazing architectural cakes. This is not surprising as she trained as an architect.  Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat!


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Streetography – Capture and Share the Essence of Places

What if you want to know what a place is like or where you could go to take great photos of a place?  Streetography is a new iOS app which lets users capture and share the essence of places .  Streetography is certainly a different kind of photo sharing.  Maps are overlaid with curated, high quality pictures taken at those places. The photographs are primarily from 500px at the moment but the company hopes to expand its usage.

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Miniature Art Food by Fairchildart Miniatures

Minnesota based Kimberley Clough of Fairchildart Miniatures clearly loves small things. At work, she studies the microscopic world in a cytogenetics laboratory.  She also crafts miniature realistic food in 1:12 scale. These incredible clay food art pieces look as delicious as the real thing.  Indeed, if not for the references ( her finger, coin,  tool etc) in her photographs, viewers would think these were dishes on a restaurant or kitchen table.  Delicious and ready to bite into!


Dessert Table

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Wireless RearVision Camera Helps You Safely Back Up Your Car | Smartphone Controlled

“According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), in the United States alone, more than 200 deaths and 15,000 injuries are caused each year by accidents involving backward-moving cars.”  It is clear backup cameras on vehicles save lives. But these are usually found on new cars. The vast majority of cars on the road today are not equipped with these cameras. It will take decades before such devices will be commonplace. So Pearl Automation came up with their easy to install and easy to use wireless RearVision Camera.

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Cross Stitched Embroidered Wooden Bag Art by Grav Grav

Merve Burma is the Turkish artist behind the Grav Grav woodworking brand in Istanbul. She makes all kinds of bags – purses, backpacks, clutches – out of wood which are then cross stitched.  Leather details complete these wearable art pieces which are made from oak, walnut or beech wood.   Her designs are clearly nature inspired as she uses flowers , fruits and birds as her design elements.

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This Laowa Telescopic Macro Lens Looks Like an Insect’s Proboscis!

Taking pictures of insects and other small creatures can be challenging not least because the subjects might flee as a photographer approaches . ePhotozine recently reported from Photokina about an unusual macro lens, the Laowa 24mm f/14 Relay 2x  which will allow photographers to focus in on shy and tiny subjects. Its long barrel is telescopic and tapers down to a small diameter. It rather resembles an insect’s proboscis!


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Nature Inspired Recycled Paper Art Sculptures by Kate Kato

British artist, Kate Kato, spent her childhood fascinated with the natural world.  She collected many things.  That early love instilled by her mother has had a profound effect on her development as an artist.  Coupled with her love of botanical illustrations, Kate has gone on to sculpt all sorts of insects, fungi and plants using recycled paper and other materials for her distinctive nature inspired art sculptures.


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Kano Camera Kit Lets You DIY Your Own Camera

Kano, the London based company best known for their DIY computer kits, have come up with an innovative DIY camera kit.  They have launched a Kickstarter project to bring it to market.  The camera kit is designed not just for children but for anyone curious about technology.


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3D LEGO Animal Sculptures by Felix Jaensch

German artist, Felix Jaensch, has an uncanny ability to translate individual building blocks in works of art.  He explained, “I have been building with LEGO for 27 years now. I started when I was three years old.”  He has focused on his delightful lifelike 3D LEGO animal sculptures for the past 5 years or so.  He considers LEGO is a great medium for 3D art as evident with his series.


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