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Anatomical Crochet Wire Art by Anne Mondro

Anne Mondro, an associate professor of the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design, whose “explores the physical and emotional complexity of the human body.” Her unusual anatomical crochet wire art series is her way of expressing and investigating humanity.

crochet wire anatomical art 1

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Macro and Microscopic Mini Lenses for Smartphones and Tablet

There are already macro lenses available for smartphone and tablets. But BLIPS is different.  This set consists of two ultra thin yet affordable macro and micro lenses designed specifically for smartphones and tablets.   They are extremely portable.  There are no awkward or bulky attachments.  The lenses fix onto the mobile devices with reusable adhesive strips which allows for easy repositioning.

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Whimsical Fantasy Creatures by Katyuska Dolls

Polish husband and wife team, Kasia and Jacek Anyszkiewicz, create delightfully whimsical fantasy creatures for their Etsy store, Katyuska Dolls.  They explained, “It all starts in Kasia’s head. Then she draws, sculpts, paints and finishes. Jacek as a professional chemical engineer deals with the technical side (molding, casting).”

whimsical fantasy creatures 1

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4th Annual Cape Cod iPhone Photography Workshop

What could be a better match then learning how to take your iphoneography to the next level at picturesque Cape Cod?  Our friend, Jack Hollingsworth, an awesome award winning iphoneographer, is conducting his 4th Annual Cape Code iPhone Photography Workshop from June 16-19, 2016.

iphone photography workshop 3

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Miniature Tree House Art by Jedediah Corwyn Voltz

Los Angeles based artist, Jedediah Corwyn Voltz creates his delightful miniature tree house art based on common potted houseplants!  These photographs showcase his latest collection entitled, “Somewhere Small”.  So far there are 25 little miniatures of charming treetop abodes which suggest that little elves might live in them!

miniature treehouse 1

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Fripito : Smartphone App Helps Travel Photographers Find the Best Locations

Keen photographers need to do some research if they are travelling to a new location.  Otherwise they will not know where the best photographic sites might be.  Fripito is a smartphone app which helps travel photographers by making the research a lot easier. The information needed will save much time and will help photographers plan their trip better. They will also be able to anticipate the kind of gear they will need.

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Fun Interactive Coffee Stain Postcard Art by PostCups

PostCups2016 on Etsy makes fun interactive coffee stain postcard art. Yes, that’s right. Coffee stains! The kind you make when you put down an overfull mug onto an absorbent surface. These are perfect for those who enjoy writing postcards in a cafe or at the very least with a cup of coffee in hand so that the illustrations get the final “stamp” with the coffee mug stains!

postcups postcards 2

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Sony Patents Contact Lens Camera for Recording Photos and Videos

Sony is the latest company working on prototype contact lens cameras. Other companies include Google and Samsung. The Japanese company recently filed a patent which aims not just to make a tiny contact lens camera but one which not only lets you capture photographs and videos but also to store them!

human eye

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Edible Flower Lollipops by Sugar Bakers Bakery

Did you know you could eat flowers? Not only are there such things as candied flowers but also edible flower lollipops! Shown here are the delectable creations of Janet Best who sells them on her Etsy store, Sugar Bakers Bakery.

real flower lollipop 1

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