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Smoovie – An Inexpensive Pocket Sized Stabilizer for Your Smartphone

Ever wanted a stabilizer for your smartphone video recordings? One that is inexpensive as well as easily portable? The Smoovie is a new innovation that’s currently being funded on Kickstarter.  The innovation has captured a lot of attention and has already raised more than enough funds to take it to market.

smoovie stabilizer 3

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Illustrated Mouse Meets the Real World

Loïc Apreda, aka Apredart, has a pet mouse called Rikki.  There is just one catch. Rikki is not real but an illustrated mouse.  A charming little thing he is as he tries very hard to integrate with the real world! Loïc  said, “He really has a life of his own: he goes to the gym, he enjoys eating chocolate and peanuts, and he even has a pet-snail called George!”

illustrated mouse 1

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Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Coloring Books with My Color Me Book

Adult coloring books are very popular these days. You can buy so many kinds. But what if you want a custom book? The Los Angeles based My Color Me Book is a new venture which fills in the personalized coloring book niche!  You just use your Instagram photos!

my color me book 1

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Crochet Leaf Art by Susanna Bauer

Dried leaves are fragile yet one artist, Susanna Bauer, dares to make these her canvases. Her exquisite crochet leaf art is an unusual blend of nature and delicate embellishments with cotton yarn.  Her sculptures are a testament to her patience and careful construction.

susanna bauer crochet leaf art 2

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Cinemagraph Pro App Turns Your Facebook Profile into a Living Photo

Want your Facebook profile picture to really come alive?  You’ve got to check out the Cinematograph app (free on iTunes) by Flixel . It helps convert a video into a cinematograph in just seconds using either the iPhone or iPad.  This is new development is a partnership between Facebook and Flixel.  Shown here are 3 cinematographs created using the app.  Mela is the model.

flixel_facebook profile living photo 1

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Knitted and Crochet Fruits and Veggies by Maple Apple

Anastasija and her mother Jeļena are Latvian knit artisans behind MapleApple. They create knitted and crochet fruits and veggies which look almost good enough to eat!  They take playing with your food to a whole new level!

knitted fruit and veggies_5

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No More Rectangular Photos | Chat with Immersive 360° Photos using Photonomie

Photonomie is a new app which promises “no more rectangular photos” when chatting with your friends and families.  What it offers is a very easy way of taking non-flat pictures.  This is accomplished by simply pivoting, tilting and sweeping the scene before you with your iPhone camera with any angle you want up to 360 degrees.


photonomie screen shots

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Embroidered Animal Portrait Art by Emillie Ferris

Emillie Ferris is a talented artist and embroiderer from Suffolk, England. She is clearly a lover of nature and animals. She said, “Creating art has always been a passion of mine, whether it be photography, painting, drawing, etc… However I never considered embroidery until my 19th birthday when my boyfriend surprised me with an awesome kit of embroidery assortments to get started with (hoops, threads, material, etc..). and now here I am, completely in love!”

embroidery art by emillie Ferris 3

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The Coffee Drip Printer Uses Coffee as Ink!

No, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. There really is a printer which uses coffee as ink! Talk about low cost ink! Rochester Institute of Technology photography professor Ted Kinsman created the device.  The microcontroller has 32KB of memory which allows  the printer to produce a simple ~ 80 x 100 pixel photograph.

coffee drip printer 1

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