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Pneumatic Anatomica : Dissected Toy Animals

Jason Freeny is an unusual custom toy sculptor who is best known for his humorous collection of balloon animals.  The internal skeleton and organs of his pop art characters are revealed in all their anatomical glory through see through plastic.  What’s more, the internal parts can be taken apart.

anatomical balloon animals 5

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Fun Cat Gloves Moves Tails When You Swipe!

These fun cat gloves will surely please feline lovers!  And add some whimsy on cold days.  The clever design depicts the tails of the cats on the forefingers of the gloves. So the cat gloves shows a moving tail every time you swipe!

cat gloves 1

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3D Lifelike Paper Bird Art by Johan Scherft

Dutch artist Johan Scherft is most often inspired by nature. His talent is evident in his unusual paper bird art where the birds are not only lifelike but life sized.

paper bird art 10

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The Macbook Selfie Stick is a Hoot!

It was inevitable someone would come up with a selfie stick for laptops! The Macbook Selfie Stick does exist but it is not really commercially available. It’s an art project created by Moises (Art404), John Yuyi and  Tom Galle.

macbook selfie stick 2

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3D Hand Paintings by Luca Luce

Italian artist, Luca Luce , creates amazing 3D hand paintings.  His unusual canvas does not impede his ability to paint these optical illusions.  The 3D effect is evident when viewed at the right angle.

3D hand art 1

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Microsoft Selfie App Makes Your Selfies Better!

Selfies are getting ever more popular on social media.  So the Microsoft Selfie app for iPhones is sure to please. It “uses computer vision and machine learning to enhance the images you take, removing noise and auto-correcting for poor lighting.”   What that means is the app analyzes your face, even guesses your age, gender and takes in account skin tone and lighting in order to improve your selfies.

microsoft selfie app 2

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Scrap Metal Art by Green Hand Sculpture

Welsh recycled metal artist, John Brown lives in an especially lovely place in the countryside,”an area where the valleys are so steep-sided they provide protection (to a degree) for the native wildlife and their natural habitat from development and factory farming techniques.” There he is able to appreciate the fauna in all its wildness.

green hand sculpture _ kingfisher

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Pipsqueak : Yip Yap’s New Bluetooth Phone for Kids

Admit it.  You’ve probably loaned your phone to a small child to keep them entertained for a while. There are some really big problems with this scenario though. Firstly, your very expensive smartphone is at risk of being unintentionally damaged. And secondly, your smartphone is certainly not age appropriate.

pipsqueak phone


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