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Cut Paper Art by Jackie Huang

Los Angeles based artist Jackie Huang specializes in cut paper art.  Her whimsical illustrations are created using different techniques such as layering, quilling, paper engineering and so on.  She gets her inspirations from many sources,  especially animation. One of her most delightful collection is the one for Disney.   Shown here are some of her other cut paper art work which demonstrate her talent for composition, color and story telling.

jackie huang cut paper illustrations 1

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Atmosphere Aerosol Creates Instant Fog for Photography

A touch of fog or haze really adds atmosphere to photography. While heavy fog generators exist, Atmosphere Aerosol, a simple spray can designed for photographers,offers an inexpensive and convenient way to add that sort of instant fog without a power supply.  It dispenses over 5.5 minutes of odor-free, non-toxic and non-staining “fog”.

instant fog for photography 1

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PhoneSoap : Dual Phone Charger and Sanitizer

You don’t need to be a germophobe to know that cell phones are very dirty. They are handled often and laid down on all sorts of surfaces and never cleaned. Some studies have shown phones are more filthy than the average toilet in a public restroom.  One UK study discovered 16% of phones had E. coli, a fecal bacteria.  Whether people text in the bathroom is beside the point. The real concern is these dirty phones are spreading the fecal bacteria.

phone soap 1

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Steampunk Pocket Watch Art Sculptures by All Natural Arts

The amazing artist behind the steampunk pocket watch sculptures of All Natural Arts is Sue Beatrice.  This Sea Cliff, NY artist uses often recycled fob watches and parts from non-working ones to create her distinctive miniatures.  She explained, “My antique watch parts creations began as a way of expressing my sense of time and mortality.”  The detail especially with her portraiture is stunning.

steampunk dragon

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Win a Modahaus Studio Pro TS400 | Table Top Still Life Contest

Beautiful still life is not only an art form but it serves to showcase the subject and draw the viewer in.  The digital photography form of still life today is important for product advertising.  We invite you all to a wonderful challenge over on Photocrowd where you get to show off your photographic skills and maybe win one of the two Modahaus Studio Pro TS400 prizes!

still life contest 1

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Delicate Cut Paper Art by Parth Kothekar

The ancient art of silhouette making has interested Indian artist, Parth Kothekar, for years.  He explained how he got started with his delicate cut paper art :“It was during my experiments with graffiti stencils that the idea of paper cuts came to my mind, then I began by creating the stencils in inverse fashion.”

Paper cut art A

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Inkless Polaroid ZIP Printer for Smartphones

Remember the good old days when you can get almost instant pictures using a Polaroid camera? Well, they are back! The Polaroid Zip printer is designed for today’s smartphone users who want to have physical copies quickly and conveniently. This nifty compact and portable printer is pocket sized and communicates with smartphones wirelessly through Blue Tooth or NFC technology.


polaroid zip printer

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Miniature Van Gogh Paintings on Matchboxes

Salavat Fidai is a remarkable Russian artist whose amazing tiny pencil sculptures were featured here not too long ago. His talent also extends to miniature paintings on matchboxes.  His attention to detail is so good, he is able to render Van Gogh’s famous paintings on these small “canvases”. Vincent Van Gogh just happens to be his favorite artist and the source of inspiration for this particular collection.


matchbox van gogh art

Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh

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