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3D Print Your Own LEGO Figurehead from Photos

Want to see yourself or a friend or family member as a LEGO figurehead? Maybe even a superhero LEGO figurehead? Now you can! Funky3DFaces provides the service so you can 3D print your won LEGO figured from just 2 photos – front and profile.

lego custom portrait figurehead 5

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Amazing Glass Jellyfish Art by Rick Satava

Chico, California-based Rick Satava, is one of the top glass artists. He is best known for his amazing glass jellyfish art.   His one of a kind pieces are highly sought after by private and corporate collectors. His jellyfish art has even been featured in the hit movie, Guardians of the Galaxy!

jelly fish glass art 1

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Beautiful Short of Apollo Moon Mission Photos

Ever since NASA released all their Apollo mission photos and enthralled viewers everyone, some creative people have put them together in innovative ways. See our past post, Animating the Apollo Mission Photos. The latest endeavor is a short by UK photographer Chris Coupland.

apollo movie 3

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Embroidered Racket Art by Danielle Clough

Danielle Clough is a multi-talented South African based artist. She is an accomplished visual jockey, creating visuals for live music events, a photographer and an embroidery artist.  Her highly textured work with fiber is colorful and bold.

embroidered racket art 5

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3D Smartphone Photography with the Bevel Device

Bevel is the latest smartphone accessory which allows users to take 3D images. The device is by Matter and Form It attaches to the camera via the headphone jacks of either iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

bevel 3d photography 4

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Eggshell Art by Sureyya Noyan

Sureyya Noyan (Instagram is now private) is a talented Turkish artist whose ability to paint miniatures is astounding. She is able to paint in great detail with the inside of eggshells. Her eggshell art draws on iconic paintings as inspirations. However, the artist is also passionate about architecture and her eggshell art often reflects that.

egg shell art 1

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2015bestnine Shows Your 9 Most Popular 2015 Instagram Posts

Share a lot of pictures on Instagram?  Then you’d want to know which are your top photographs for the past year.  2015bestnine is a website that lets you enter just your instagram ID (or maybe that of your friend).  The site then pulls up which are the most popular instagram posts and displays them in a simple grid.  The algorithm is based on the number of likes the photographs received.


2015bestnine_taylor swift


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Amazing Pencil Art Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

Salavat Fidai is a very talented Russian artist who really didn’t come to his own until he was laid off from his managerial job last year. He really didn’t want to return to an office environment. So he became a freelance artist in order to realize his potential. He is best known for his Carved Pencil collection – simply amazing pencil art sculptures.

salavat fidai pencil art sculptures 3

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Russian Martial Arts School Teaches Self Defense with a Selfie Stick!

Selfie sticks have already been banned in some popular destinations like Disneyland and museums for either safety or nuisance concerns. But according to one Moscow based martial arts school, the selfie stick can be used in self defense at least in areas where they are still allowed!

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