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Embroidered Leaf Art by Hillary Waters Fayle

Artist Hillary Waters Fayle beautiful embroidered leaf art combines “organic objects with the rich traditions of needlecraft” and by doing so she does indeed “bind nature and the human touch.”   The delicate work of stitching together fragile leaves creates amalgams or patterns unique in that they are both handmade and nature created.

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We Wish You All Happy Holidays and A Joyous New Year!

All of us here at Modahaus, wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year! It`s a time of tranquility mixed in with merriment as you spend time with your loved ones. A time of feasting and partaking of special treats.

Unlike the people of Tudor England, we aren`t going to celebrate Christmas with 12 days of feasting! Not for us the boar`s head but turkey instead.

Enjoy this BBC presentation of the the 12 Days of a Tudor Christmas.

Cross Stitched Solar System Art by Navid Baraty

Navid Baraty, a Los Angeles and New York City based award winning photographer is clearly fascinated with space and the solar system. A previous “out of this world” photography project called Wander was his creation of the cosmos using just the contents of his kitchen!  A self confessed space geek, he has continued on his unique space exploration with his cross stitched solar system art.

cross stitched solar system A

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Selfie Mirror is also a Smart Mirror

Selfie sticks are so yesterday! The Selfie Mirror by San Francisco based Smart Ltd aims to make selfies a whole lot easier. Video bloggers and instagrammers will be able to take hand free photos and videos of themselves with the built-in camera, professional lighting system and hi-fi sound system. The  sophisticated mirror  also allows users to instantly upload their material via an app for social media sharing.

selfie mirror 1

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Cut Paper Microorganisms Art by Rogan Brown

London based artist, Rogan Brown, created amazingly intricate hand cut paper bacteria for his Outbreak art collection. His beautiful work brings to our attention the largely invisible world of microorganisms.

paper microbes B

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A Working Camera and a Pop Up Book Rolled into One

Kellie Anderson describes herself as  “an artist/designer and tinkerer who is always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences.”  One recent and popular undertaking is her This Book is a Camera project.  It is both a working camera and a pop up book rolled into one.

this book is a camera 3

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Hand Painted Candles by Lesscandles

Lithuanian artisan, Asta of Less Candles makes beautiful hand painted candles.  The handmade pieces are works of art. The artist uses hot wax to add not just color but texture to her work.   She has seasonal designs such as her Christmas ones as well as some unusual and realistic looking fruit inspired pieces!

hand painted candles 1

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2 Fun Lighting Accessories for Smartphones

Sometimes we just need more light. Dark night time photographs are not appealing. So here are a couple of fun lighting accessories for smartphones. First up is the Selfie Kase from Photojojo. This iphone case doubles as a protective case as well as a source of light from the rows of  LED lights.  While it has been marketed as great for selfies, the LED light case are also convenient for any dim light photography.

selfie kase 3

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Tiny Handmade Matchbox Gifts with Hidden Messages

Trang, the artist behind Shop3xu on Etsy, creates a whimsical collection of tiny handmade matchbox gifts each of which has a surprise within. The matchbox gifts are delightful combination of greeting cards, miniature gifts and ornaments all roll into one!

matchbox gift message 13

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