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A Fully Functional DIY Camera Costume for Halloween

A keen photographer? Then the only way to turn up at a Halloween party is to be a camera! That was what Taylor card did a few years ago when he came up with a fully functional DIY camera costume!   He said, “That’s right, it really takes pictures, and comes complete with LCD display, pop-up flash, and shutter release button!”  

camera costume halloween

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Intricate Laser Cut Wood Art by Martin Tomsky

London based artist, Martin Tomsky created amazingly intricate laser cut wood art. The differential staining of the hand assembled layers add depth to his illustrative and narrative artwork.  He explains, “These works are essentially drawings that have been brought off the page and into the real world as a permanent form of storytelling.”

laser cut wood art A

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Pooch Selfie Accessory Lets You Take Pictures with Your Dog!

Have trouble trying to keep your pet dogs or puppies still while trying to take pictures of them?  It’s tough to hold their attention for that perfect selfie or pet portrait.  Pooch Selfie, the canine selfie “stick” to the rescue!  This simple yet ingenious cell phone or tablet accessory lets you attach a squeaky tennis ball to the device so the dogs stay focused.

pooch selfie accessory 1

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Iconic American West Landscapes Made From Processed Food

So much as changed since the 19th century American photographer, Carleton Watkins, captured iconic pictures of the American West.  His work inspired two modern day photographers Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman. They  collaborated on a unique project called Processed Views which show how much the land and the inhabitants have changed through time.

processed views_ food landscape 2

Fruit Loops Landscape

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Animating the Apollo Mission Photos

The release of 8,400 NASA’s original Apollo Mission photographs (see last week’s post) have captivated many people.  Perusing this treasure on Flickr have inspired a couple of people to animate the stills into intriguing videos.   First up is Tom Kucy whose personal project called Ground Control brings to life the Apollo photographs.  It is like watching a short science fiction movie slow motion film!

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Japanese Style Hand Embroidered Notebooks

Greek artisan Chara is behind the Etsy shop called Fabulous Cat Papers.  She makes elegant hand embroidered notebooks as well as embroidered card stocks for framing.


hand embroidered artwork_1

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Project Apollo Archive : NASA Shares All Astronaut Photographs

Interested in space history?  NASA has released all their astronaut photographs from their historic manned moon missions, Apollo 7-17 (1968-72).  This treasure trove can be viewed on Project Apollo Archive over on Flickr. The well over 12,000 images are unprocessed high resolution scans of actual photographs taken with Hasselblad cameras.

apollo 11_main

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Cut Paper Animal Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

Calvin Nicholls is an award winning Canadian artist known for his amazing cut paper animal sculptures. His almost 3D animals often appear to circumvent the confines of his canvases. Every detail of their faces, fur and feathers are beautifully executed using just simple tools such as scissors, cutting blade and scalpels, a cutting board and simple shaping implements.

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 9

He shares how he creates his amazing cut paper sculptures. It is a meticulous process which starts from a sketched design. The paper is then cut, scored and shaped. The individual cut paper sections are carefully glued piece by piece, building up the sculpture. It takes the artist anywhere from a few weeks to 2 years to complete pieces depending on how detailed and large the art work is.

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 2

His work regularly appears  at special exhibitions and in galleries.  Current shows include the  Art and the Animal – Society of Animal Artists at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History in New York and the Birds in Art at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin.

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 10

He also sells his artwork including prints through his website.

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 8

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 6

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 5

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 1

paper animal sculptures by calvin nicholls 7

calvin nicholls paper animal sculpture

All images are copyright of Calvin Nicholls. Photographs used with permission.

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Catty Man : Camera Shaped Cat Scratch Box

Cats love boxes.  Their human owners love taking pictures of them.  So the Catty Man, a camera shaped cat scratch box is a nod to both phenomena!  The box is in the style of a retro camera with 3 lookout holes for kitty.  The floor of the box doubles up as the scratch pad, trimming the cat’s claws while it has fun inside.

camera box for cat

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